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bong lingo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobmarley12, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. ok im looking to maybe get a bong when i go to school in about a week... the only problem is i dont know what to look for. none of my friends have bong so im not sure what to get and all the lingo. if someone could help me out that would be nice. i wanna know like what a diffuser does and all the other lingo... help if u can its greatly appreciated. and i know i dont want a bong with a carb i want one with the pull out bowl
  2. The pull out bowl is called a slide. You want glass on glass. None of that metal crap. There are ash catchers (self explanatory) and percolators (percs) among other things.
  3. yeah thats what i meant a slider... sorry been smoking for a while just never been around bongs... i was just wondering like what everything did and the different options
  4. Ok well ash catchers are just that - they catch the ash so it doesn't get sucked into the bong water.

    Percs come in multiple varieties. They help to filter the smoke even further for a smoother, stronger hit.

    Ice pinches are used so that you can toss a couple cubes into the bong to further cool your smoke so you get a hit that isn't so harsh.

    As for the body, they come in different shapes and sizes. Tubes and beakers just to name a couple. The larger the body, the more smoke you can fill it with, but you don't want it so large that it's just inconvenient.

    If you want something halfway decent expect to spend at least 150. You can get them cheaper, but 150 is where they really start being worth what you pay.
  5. Well you can go into any head shop and ask for a WATER PIPE, < this is a bong but some places will shoo you out if you say bong (apparently its illegal to say it?). The word for the bongs where you pull out the piece is a "slider", these are a lot easier to rip with a packed bowl. there some other interesting features you could get with a bong like a diffuser/perculator, it goes through a second chamber of water to smooth out the smoke. an ice catcher, you basically throw some ice cubes down there and the smoke goes through it and it cools it down (try freezing juice, its even better), and an ash catcher which is a chamber of water before the main chamber so your bong water doesn't get any resin/ash/scum build up.

    hope this helps buddy <3

    keep blazing!
  6. Another thing: never call a bong a bong when you go into a shop. It's a sure fire way to get your ass booted out. Just call it a water pipe and you'll be set.
  7. alright thanks man

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