Bong, lighter, and someones hair is on fire! lol

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stoney9, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. LOLOL I just remembered about this as I decided to write a story.

    So I went to my friends house,

    So me and dude went around to his little area where he smokes. Because we couldn't go inside.

    MIND YOU, we were in high school then. So it was 10000000000x funnier.

    And dude goes to hit this little 8 or 10 inch bong, and his bangs fell above the bowl, as he was going in to light it his hair became engulfed in flame. And all I see is him SLAPPING THE SHIT out of his face and forehead. LOLOLOL

    He was like "my hair! MY HAIRRR!" and I'm just laughing cause I'm baked. I got up to help (I was sitting) but he got it. Laughing was just a result from the surprise in it.

    it was hilarious. seriously. Because he was okay afterwards. it wouldn't have been funny if he got burned...

    well actually..... lol
  2. lol I've always secretly hoped someone would light they're hair on fire when they go to smoke.. I don't want them to get hurt.. I just wanna see the hilarious reaction lol
  3. One time I went to hit my bowl in my bathroom (rents were home) and my bangs fell down and were engulfed I dropped my bowl and slapped the shit outta my hair it sucked but my bowl was fine and most weed was still in it do it was Gucci
  4. imagine how many times someone has been burnt from fuckin with a lighter, or how many times a roach burnt your lips or fingers. lol
  5. Ive been burned by lighters many times as well as roaches burning my fingers while i was trying to get that last good hit in before it turns into ashes. :smoke:
  6. This is why i like having short hair
  7. Just a few strands of hair.. shit smells funky. :smoke:
  8. I did this a few times when i first started smoking
    One time i had a 40 in my hand when it happened, and it dropped and shattered and went everywhere I was so pissed.
  9. I lit my beard hair on fire smoking a chillum lol. I had to trim alot off to even it up hahaha
  10. I have longer hair than him too. lol
  11. Man, I used to burn my hair all the time. I had this little bowl, and really long hair at the time..shit was hilarious

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