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Bong just broke into pieces LoL

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IMME, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I was cleaning my bong in my bathtub and I dropped it and yeah.... :rolleyes: whatever

    I dont wanna smoke a doob or run to the store to get an L...What do you guys suggest I use? I can either make a gravity bong or a homemade bottle. Are there any there any other ways of blazin, whats a knife hit or whatever

    Oh and does anyone know any sites where I can get some sick bongs?
  2. I would go grav bong but it's somewhat easy to fuck up when ur high... Waterfall is less complicAted.. But in my opinion the most fun to hit are regular downstem bowl piece bongs. So I would go plastic bottle bong. Try the roor website.
  3. I would go the gravity bong route, or if you are feeling resourcefull, the McGyver route is always fun.

    As for the website, Shivadas is cool.
  4. LOL!! I just read the thread title and started cracking up; only cause I'm high though.:smoking:
  5. my dumb friend just broke my bong. now, he's taking me out tonight to buy me a new one. :hello:

    i would suggest a spoon if you've got one, otherwise, gravity bong would be the best way to go IMO.
  6. Don't worry about that one. I have over 1k in glass (noob mistake) and its alllllllllllll broken. Two 4 ft glass bongs were stored in the shower with a towel over them (hubby's idea) to hide them from our landlord. The guy left and the hubby went back to retrieve them and they both fell over into each other and SHATTERED. Now this wouldn't be toooo bad if he we hadn't just gotten them both fixed barely two weeks ago because of a similar situation.

    So feel better about your mistake. lol. STAY AWAY FROM HUGE GLASS!! Well at least if you're an idiot like us. Being high around lots of glass is a bad idea.:smoking:

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