Bong joint adapter question

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  1. If the bong has an 18/14 reducing downstem in it, you will need a 14mm aashcatcher.

    With that said, I think you should steer away from that bong and ashcatcher.

    The bong, due to the fact that it has a carb, and that BLAZE is a company that mass produces pieces in an Asian sweatshop.

    And the same thing goes for the ashcatcher, along with the fact that it doesn't have a removable downstem, which would make it that much harder to clean.
  2. thankyou for the answer
    as for the rest of your post i acknowledge it but counter measures can be taken to aleviate all of the formentioned problems, i thank you once again for your concern, however i dont have a large budget at the moment and even this is out of said budget.
  3. Try to check out your local shops man, if your on a slammed budget why not try to go without the shipping.
  4. You should look around some more if you really want to save money bro.

    If you get This and This it would cost you about the same amount of money, but shipping would be a little cheaper and you wouldnt have to wait for it to ship overseas and get through customs

    My first bong was china glass, when I got my first piece of quality glass it changed my whole mindset and now I have a real appreciation for the art.
  5. SSFG is serious bang for your buck. Good place to look if your on a budget. Same with apix glass.
  6. Well its your choice man. Hope you like whatever you buy, but why get a bong with a carb?
  7. growing up the bongs i used (gatorade bottles woooo!) in australia all had carbs, every bong i bought down there had a carb and a brass cp. This comes with a plug and it really doesnt bother me i dont see how it can make or break peoples decisions on a bong
  8. Aesthetics, I don't like having a big red rubber stopper sticking out of the side of my bong.

    And who told you that you shouldn't get that ashcatcher because the slits will get clogged? Who the hell let's their glass get THAT dirty?
  9. IMO it just isn't quality, much rather have a solid glass bong with a GonG slide.

  10. eh it doesnt phase me. I always thought (growing up in aus) that pulling the ash through the bowl/cone piece (which i do) would get it stuck in those tiny diffuser holes.
  11. Well if you get a multiple hole slide like a disk diffused or honeycomb you really don't pull much ash through even when cashing the bowl in one hit.
  12. may i ask why this occurs?
  13. Although most people feel since there is more holes it just leaves more spots for ash to come through, in reality since the pulling force is evened out over the whole bowl it doesn't tend to pull the ash down in my experience.
  14. ahhh so you mean because of the holes not only is the smoke broken up but when you try and snap your bowl it wont happen because the slits counteract this force? does it make it impossible to pull or just a little harder. From my experience i have very strong/big lungs and can pull pretty big cones compared to others i have met. Im just worried when the ash goes down it gets stuck in those small holes.
  15. I think that's the opposite of what I am saying. Overall the slide flows SO much better than a regular push bowl(single hole) Usually gets the percs in your tube firing and stacking a lot better. With the flow evened out it doesn't pull as hard through each hole since the pulling force is evened over 5-6+ openings but over all flows a lot more air. Personally I prefer multi hole slides over push slides.

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