bong is not getting dirty

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  1. whats up blades?

    so ive had my trusty bong preggo for almost two years now. and ive cleaned it every 2 or 3 days since ive gotten it. i cleaned it at least a week ago, and it has not gotten dirty. im not complaining...i love having a clean bong with out cleaning it...but what the fuck? sometings gotta be weird right?

    any story, eh bro? haha
  2. i was gonna say cool story bro; you got me covered on that one;)
    pics or it didnt happen?
  3. Smoke more
  4. you really need to see a picture? alright, hold up.

    EDIT: shit my camera is dead, gimme 10 mins or something.
  5. Your not smoking enough. Get yourself together man!
  6. it cant be because of the ammount i smoke.. i have not cut back or anything.

    im not sure exactly how much i smoke in a week, but it is somewhere inbetween "a fuck load" and "a shit load" lmfao
  7. I use some lemon in my bong water and it keeps it clean, as for your case. I don't know why it's getting dirty but.. I'd be happy if mine never got dirty :smoke:
  8. i am happy its not geting dirty lmfao, however...its just not natural
  9. ^ Hahaha. When i got my first Roor, it never got dirty, i didn't have to clean it for a few months and i was only smoking one strain out of it. It may have just been the shit you are smoking, because out of now where it started getting brown and the iso had to come out.
  10. lemon water is the fucking shit!
    keeps your shit clean for monthss
  11. that's the funniest cool story bro pic I have ever seen
  12. yeah that actually is a hilarious "cool story bro" picture.

    any ways heres the pictures CC wanted. not very much to see, but if you notice the downstem and slide are dirty, the bong however is clean (besides a few little specs)

    also, ive had two differnt bags this week, both of differnt shit, so i dont think it can be that.

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  13. it looks to me like the beginning of the kinked neck is dirty but the bowl shaped bottom isnt. This may be due to the physics of the smoke traveling through it and it may happen to hit the walls on the neck less than the bowl shaped part. if that makes sense lol
  14. woah ! a magic bong! =)
  15. My LW bub is a bit jealous... get's dirty as fuck fast! but yeah I gotta say I love a good old piece cleaning and do it every couple of days.
  16. naw, the whole bong fills up with smoke evenly when i hit it.

    hmm...maybe there is no reason for it. maybe i just dont have to clean my bong as much now :hello:
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    Stewie, queen vick, and my pure. all get cleaned 1-2 times a day man.. i know the ocd of cleaning.. my bong has never had a visible residue build up. and its been about 2 years since ive had all 3.

    Just hope it doesnt ever get dirty again!

    I have 3 because i use a clean one everytime i smoke. then i dont smoke again until all 3 have been cleaned.
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    smokingbymyself, i know what you mean, i have like 5 bongs, i only really like using preggo though. i havent bought a bong in over a year because the last bong i bought i never used i like preggo so much more.. but my other 4 bongs are sitting on a desk sparkling in case i ever want to use hem again...there all clean haha

    i knew there would be some "cool story bro" pictures in this thread. thats why i put "cool story, eh bro?" at the end.

    but i would like to point out this is more of a question i gave some background info on :wave:

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