Bong in the Freezer

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  1. i was wondering if it would be ok to put your bong in the freezer for a little while before a session, good idea?

  2. i keep my helix in my mini fridge freezer at work... rinse under water and put it in there be carefull with a bong tho.. i do it with my helix cause it a good hiding spot..i dont really care if it breaks and is rather nice to smoke out of i must say..
  3. totally. Makes it feel like you're taking rips with ice in the bong 
  4. You could, yes. Just be sure to be very, very careful with it. As I'm sure you're aware glass is much more brittle in a cold state.
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    I wouldn't be doing this with my glass, why risk it?   AT freezing temps, glass becomes MUCH weaker.  Just use icewater for your bong-water and your hits are gonna be just as cool without risking weakening or breaking your glass.
  6. I'd say keep it in a fridge instead of a freezer because the freezer would get it too cold and it'd be waaay too brittle.
  7. Uhhhhhhh nope!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. with a bong.. the frozen slush water idea makes alot of sense rather than clunkin your bong around in your freezer
  9. It'll probably crack. ╮(╯_╰)╭

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  10. When I first got my HVY I would do this. Sat the entire bong in the fridge with ice in it....Terrible idea, but it can be done successfully. I'd always leave the slide out of the fridge though. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Well I got the Idea because my headshop has a bong you can keep in the freezer. It was ugly though.
  12. I personally find hot water to be much more smooth than ice in a bong. I used to stick my beaker bottom out my window in a snow pile on my balcony. wicked smooth yet i prefer hot water.  :bongin:  :confused_2:
  13. I put my mini bubbler in the freezer prior to various usage. Ice is a quick supplement if I dnt have time to freeze it. The hits r definitely harder / amazing....Yea if it breaks, it breaks its glass that is what it was made for.
  14. [quote name="518tokester" post="19374003" timestamp="1390229312"]I personally find hot water to be much more smooth than ice in a bong. I used to stick my beaker bottom out my window in a snow pile on my balcony. wicked smooth yet i prefer hot water. :bongin: :confused_2:[/quote] I am going to have to try this. I feel like hotwater would be the same as regular water
  15. the steam of the hot water makes the toke super smooth like a humidifier when you're sick. Super cold air irritates the lungs as opposed to the hot air which opens the lungs  
  16. Don't put it in the freezer. I put my hisi bong in the fridge to cool it and that usually does the job. Just be aware so you don't crack the glass.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. yea just gottta be careful, but i prefer cold water and ice, honestly the hassle of fridge orr freezer is a bit much for me, the risk of breaking glass is always high with me ahaha.
  18. Depends on the glass.  Pyrex is going to be fine in a freezer, that's why the stuff was invented, to make glass that is thermo resistant.  5mm pyrex (duran schott) shouldn't crack in the freezer....but, if there's water in it, it could expand and crack a perc.
    I always thought cooling the water/smoke would make it smoother.  But, colder water holds less moisture and after trying slightly warm or rm temp water, I think I prefer it.  The cold makes the smoke more dense for some opaque milking but that can also make it harsher.

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