Bong in dishwasher?

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  1. Would that work? Im not trying to, just wondering.
  2. Would probably break or chip it. Even if it didn't I highly doubt it would get layers of resin off.

    A lot of people these days think dishwashers are meant to clean your plates.. they're really not. The point of a dishwasher is to sanitize what you're eating with, you're supposed to get all the grime off yourself. I only know this because I washed dishes for 2 years lol, a job I highly don't recommend :p
  3. i wouldnt do it. itll bounce around a bit
  4. I wouldn't advise even attempting that action.

  5. So why, in the commercials, do they place dishes with goop all over them in the dishwasher? I never did understand that..
  6. Commercial dishwashers are made to sanitize to an acceptable level tools and implements which will be put in the mouths of many people of the course of its life. Of course you gotta do that.

    A home dishwasher also sanitizes, though its main purpose is to remove the chore of washing dishes from the home. That's why yours probably was a stainless steel cube with a lift up lid, and the ones in homes are fiberglass and shiny.

    It won't get resin out of your bong very well. Hot water is okay, and that's all you're really getting. You need a solvent, such as alcohol or acetone, and preferably an abrasive, such as salt, sand, rice, etc, to get everything off.

    If your bong is clean entirely of resin, and just happens to smell bad, you may be able to find a safe configuration, but I think it'd be stupid to try.
  7. I bet that would tear up any label you had on it too.

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