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bong idea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ripped Bob., Oct 8, 2002.

  1. this just came to me, it's probably been done before - maybe you can fill me in.

    basically as I understand it, the more water the bubbles pass through in the bong the more cooled/filtered the smoke becomes = good.

    so, having put as much water into your bong, I was thinking of other ways of passing the bubbles through the water more efficiently. - if the pipe going from the bowl to the water was constructed of not one large pipe, but say, 30 tiny pipes within that larger pipe, would that improve the quality of the smoke, because it would create heaps more smaller bubbles, which would be more exposed to the water because of a larger total surface area.

    would that be right? a smoother, cooler toke? or would it make it harded to pull?

    shit I wouldn't have a clue, it's probably been thought of and dissmissed already.


  2. a friend of mine made a li'l bubbler out of a water bottle like that. he used a bunch of those little red coffee stirrers. It worked fine. go for it :)
  3. ....marbles...freezer...cold noticeably smoother hit..i got that idea from here, it works..

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