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Bong Hygien: how hard is ur bong to clean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by windmillcrusade, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I was just checking out the resin hits board and i thought
    I wonder if other bongs are as hard to get clean.

    If they`re hard or ez to clean, what sorts of bong buildsmake them harder to clean than others.

    I`m curious because i never made bongs when i was a teensmoker, so until i started smoking again, i had no bong experiences.
    Online is nice, especially YouTube, but i like the how tomake bong shows.

    Totally hilarious.
  2. What the hell? How are you two greens when you can't even type english?

    My bong is easy to clean. It's big, but I use an ashcatcher
  3. the only thing that makes mine a little harder to clean is the perc but other than that its just a tube.
  4. lol u must have been stoned as hell when u were typing :smoke: . my bong was easy to clean but i've found more trouble cleaning little bubblers like these...

  5. That was right after i got home from work, i was reallybaked :D
  6. So what are the perks of being a gold member?
  7. i just have a standard bong so its easy to clean. i just put in epsom salts, cause its the only kind of salt i have but any salt will work i think, then get rubbing alcohol 70% or higher and fill it so theres not much rubbing alcohol in it and shake the shit out of it. the salt acts as an abbrasive and rubs the resin off the glass and the alcohol further helps clean it too. it looks almost brand new now. i just cleaned it about 30mins before i got to this thread.

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