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Bong hits?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rahmer, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on hitting a bong... I obviously know how just lookin for any tricks you might have
  2. sure, cover the rushie (carb you guys call it probably) while you light it..
    no need to torch the cone, just light it so it's cherried.
    when you reckon you can't take too much more smoke in, release the carb, (while still inhaling), so you clear the chamber of smoke and finish your hit.
  3. Just a couple.

    1. Always corner the bowl, which means burn the bowl in quarters so that other people smoking with you can get a green hit each time.

    2. Dont put too much water in the bong, will make it harder to pull through, and for a new bong smoker, you may bust a lung.

    3. Dont laugh into the bong or cough into the bong, water will spray up shooting water and ash through your bowl and onto your carpet.

    4. Change your bong water after each use, and keep it clean.

    5. Keep it real.

    There are probably heaps more i have left out, but these are mostly the things i go by. Enjoy brother.
  4. oh, I kinda missed your last phrase haha. sorry my bad.
  5. lol yeah I thought wow.. lame tips haha :smoke:
  6. steam makes your bong slippery so carful if in a steamy room, smoke gets stale quick so if you see it turning yellow i wouldnt hit it unless you like puking. just be gentle nobody like breaking there glass, treat your friends pieces like a baby.[ame=][​IMG][/ame]
  7. I used to do this only because its the only way i could hide it but now i do it for the fun

    grab your fav cd
    your keys
    some type of smell good [axe,colgene,febreeze,whatever you prefer]
    go to your car roll up all the windows and hot box with your bong cranking your fav song its so chill me and my bro do it all the time he smokes a cig before we go in and then we axe it up and chill in my room unless its cold then its an awful idea lol

    ps- burning in sections is great so everyone gets a fresh hit

    happy tokeing!

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