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Bong hits vs. pipe hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrBurgerking, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I don't know if this is just me, but I feel like I can get a bigger hit out of a spoon or a chillum or other dry pipe than I can out of a bong.

    I feel like with a bong i spend some of my lung capacity filling the chamber while with a pipe, I can fill my lungs entirely with smoke.

    I hardly ever cough and I can take a lungfull in one hit. I had to learn not to smoke as I smoke in the room right next to my parents all the time.

    So is it just me or do bongs always give bigger hits?
  2. Bongs still usually get a big hit for me. But I do notice that a lot of my lung capacity is spent getting the smoke to my mouth, so I may be wasting smoke that is unknowingly in my mouth.

    Bongs sort of give me a surge, an instant and major high. I feel pipes give a milder high, but longer lasting. I usually like to take 2 or so bong hits, then smoke in my pipe.
  3. im sure you can get a pretty decent rip off either

    the thing is after smoking smooth bongs, you will not want to take dry hits--theyre so much harsher.

    I prefer a bong hit myself, after pickin up a nice one its hard to put it down
  4. bong hits fucking kill a pipe man, the reason you get so high is because the water cools off the smoke and removes carcinogins. There fore nice cool, clean smoke.

    If you want a reaaaaal rush, roll a nice thick blunt, then take a bong that uses a carb, take out the bowl, and put the blunt into the pipe, take rips that way.....
  5. You must not be taking big enough hits out of the bong. I can take .3 or so in one hit out of any of my tubes. I could never do that out of a spoon.
  6. No offence, but you don't know how to hit a bong. you fill the chamber, take a breath, and then clear it.

  7. No offence, but thats the pussy way to do it
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  8. Why is that? Personally, I don't think there's a "right", or "wrong" way to hit a bong, as long as you've got the general idea down. But you do get more smoke into your lungs with that method, so I don't see why you'd call it the "pussy way to do it".
  9. Bong all the way. Pipes give you that instant fill, but as far as milking bongs can give you more in the end.

    As far as the water filtering out the tar etc, I want to see your degree before I listen to you. Though the one thing anyone can point out is that a bong with ice pinches and some cold water cool it down making it possible for you to take longer hits, something that with a pipe is more difficult.
  10. Big pipe hits are too harsh and hot for my taste. A nice icy cool bong hit gives me a bigger and better toke.
  11. i dont fucks wit glass anymore. just blunts to the dome.
  12. haha, true that

    my friend has a phx so i hit that & gravity bongs, but i dont care what anyone says blunts get me the highest. may I add dank blunts are the best and i dont want to hear thats a waste
  13. Of course they get you highest, you're using way more weed. ;)
  14. i like to roll a dime blunt, and smoke it in 4 sessions to myself.i feel more high from each session than i would by smokin a .4 gram bowl
  15. Well, I used to only smoke bongrips.

    After my illadelph died, I had to start using my friends 2foot zong he loaned me, with my illadelph ashcatcher on it. It was nice, but I ended up taking more GB's than bongrips. From there, I started using my steamroller, and now I'm wishing I had a few more dry pieces to mix it up with. I want one of those really long curved pipes that Bobbert had..
  16. No offence, but thats the pussy way to do it[/quote]


    Try it the "pussy" way sometime, you'll get a lot higher than your friends that are calling you that.

    Mixing your hit with a bong-full of fresh air seems a little more "pussy" to me...

    ...But that's just me*.

    (*a pussy for the last decade, apparently)
  17. That's because the bud is burnt up faster with bongs due to the higher amount of energy required to fill the tube. Bongs are much less efficient.
  18. Well maybe its just me but unless it has oil or bubble hash on it , in the bong it goes .... I think pipes tend give weed any weed a burnt taste and leave smoke way too hot causing coughing fits and why the fuck even the littlest one always have a carb like they got a lung full stale smoke inside ???

    bong better ....

    pipe silly and why all the carbs ......crazy..


    now dont get me wrong I like pipes I guess I bought one today see ....


    and here's one I bought 2 days ago ......


    and one I got a week back and already broke ... lolz


    and here some bongs I have and use everyday or at least once a week....


    So I guess my point is well as long as your smokin well then your on fire baby ... lol pipe or bong well it just dont matter take a big ole rip let those brain cells scatter ..... true smokers never die , we just go to grass city and talk about gettin HIGH

    but, you can also toke a bong and pussy hit a bong.

    one more thing yes bongs are less efficient but who cares its all about the hit. your doing a drug the more fucked you get the better. bigger hit > efficiency.
  20. hahahaha pwned!
    nice collection, humboldtbuddha

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