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Bong hits. Proper way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PoliceToker, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I been googling bong hits. I'm curious right way hit a bong, inhaling right way, getting the most of your weed. Right now takes me 10 hits. I inhale like a cig and hold and blow out. I do it right packing. Just what am I missing?
  2. Milk it up then suck it down. I usually get 3 maybe 4 hits out of a fat bowl. Practice makes perfect
  3. If you're a total noob, inhale until the smoke get's right to the top... if you have breathe left take out the bowl and inhale quickly all the smoke you can. If you can't take it, cover catch your breathe then take it in really quickly. Don't wait too long stale smoke sucks!

    As to packing it, find how you prefer (nugs, grinded tiny, small pieces) and throw it in there. Pack it down if you want, or leave it and light it.

    Make sure you are inhaling into your lungs and not "stomaching" your hits :).

    If you are doing everything correct and still not feeling it, you need better weed.

  4. pack snappers, they get you WAY more high then just toking on the same bowl. Remember if you have the lungs (thankfully i do) you can smoke anywhere between .1-.8 in one hit. Take a long slow deep breath out, milk your cone slowly, when it starts to quaver and shrink keep going for a little bit to make sure its all burnt (1-3 seconds) then snap the ash through the stem and inhale all that creamy goodness. Hold for 2-5 seconds and then get tissues to clean up your orgasms.

    edit - if you cant keep going, without taking your mouth off the bong (and if you can, circular breath) blow some smoke out of your nose then keep going (if you cant circular breath).
  5. Put a flame on a bowl and inhale man
  6. uhm its pretty straight forward.. light the weed, suck, lift bowl piece, clear, replace bowl piece, hold, exhale...

  7. oh lol
  8. A common thing i see happening is that noobs dont 'suck' the flame into the bowl, make sure you can see the flame being sucked in and wait till the bong is all millky n shit:$
  9. I use a one bowl in my water pipe gets green hits every time! Pack it with ice the kind from sonic or crushed from the freezer door Two or three big rips then i have to lay on the floor so i don't fall off.
  10. I'll nrmlly spend half my breath with my finger on the carb clear it and if I can take more ill inhale with my finger on then off again quick

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