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Bong hits me at least 3x harder than blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tom0808, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a few months now, and last weekend I got myself a bong, a compact little round plastic one. Until then, me and my mates used makeshift bongs made out of coke bottles (make two holes, one for the joint, the other as a rush hole). They worked well, but only a little better than just smoking the joint on it's own.
    So this weekend, I picked up a ten bag (I weighed it and it was 1.2g) and made three equal blunts using rizla minis (even shorter than regular cigarettes). I smoked the first two at a party and got pretty buzzed, but I was still very functional. Today, feeling like I hadn't had my money's worth, decided to use the last one to test the bong, as it would be exactly the same stuff as I had the day before. I tore it open, packed the bong and hit it dry. (I'm a poor student and can't waste THC in bong water.) After I emptied it twice (5 hits or so) I was completely gone. Tripped my nuts off. Crazy visuals, synthesesia, time speeding and slowing down, panic attacks. It was insane. A third of the weed got me twice as high as the other two thirds. Does anyone else get this with bongs? As everything I read suggests that it should get you higher but not to this extent. If this is what will always happen to me, I'm so happy as it means I am a total lightweight that can get completely baked for the night off of less than £5 worth of weed! Thanks
  2. Yea I'm starting to really love my bong but man, nothing just beats kicking back with a blunt just watching the world go by.
  3. Yeah and also you can't beat blunts for convenience/portability. But if using the bong is going to work out 3-4x cheaper because it's making me that much higher (I can't tell if this will always be the case but it certainly was this weekend) then I'm going to have to consider permanently ditching blunts except when I have absolutely no choice. Weed ain't cheap these days in the UK.

  4. The THC doesn't get lost in the water??? The water only works as a filter, which prevents some of the tar and other stuff from going in to your lungs. The whole point of a waterbong is obviously the water... If you seriously are worried about "losing THC" like that, I hate two options for you...

    - Make an airbong/steamroller. It's basically a waterless bong. It hurts/burns more though, since there is no filtration.

    - Buy/make a vaporizer. Why vaporizer you might ask? Because, when you light up your blunt/bong/whatever! it actually releases some THC by burning it. Using a vaporizer, the herb is never lid on fire. Only warmed up enough to vapor.

    So honestly, bro. If you're really concerned about losing THC, don't even ignite it.

    BTW, if I seem harsh, don't be offended! I'm honestly only trying to help a blade out! :smoke:

    And to answer your question - yes. I get blown away by bongs. Main reason I love them. And it's pretty logical though. Because when you smoke a joint, you consume the THC much slower then from a bong, as you would take a hit/shot from the bong, getting a lot of THC immediately. So you get a kick from bongs, which I love! :D

    - Serenity
  5. Thanks bro, I do want to get a vape at some point but for now I might just start using water regardless of whether it wastes THC or not. (I've read conflicting views on this). I'm not as worried about wasting THC as much as before because even if a bit does get filtered out I'm sure I'll still get much higher than rolling one up.
  6. THC is not water soluble so if any is lost it is a very minuscule amount.
  7. You're from UK? Whereabouts mate?

    And I agree, it ain't cheap here these days. But it's not overly expensive either. Fairly average I'd say.
  8. Try smoking spliffs dude. They'll make your weed last longer, especially if you only buy a ten at a time or something... they get me higher too personally.
  9. Reading, and yeah it isn't too expensive, still cheaper to get intoxicated for the night than going out drinking but more expensive than drinking at home.

    I had spliffs of the same stuff with my friend the day before. I agree that it was probably better than the blunts but not by enough to justify using the tobacco, which I really try to avoid, I've seen enough lives ruined by tobacco addiction and I really don't like the taste.

  10. lifes ruined by tobacco addiction... not sure if srs.

    It's really not a very expensive habit even if you are very addicted... and I don't see how they would interfere with your work and regular daily routines. They don't even get you high, so you are perfectly un-impaired so I don't see how a life would get ruined by tobacco addiction at all? Unless you mean all the diseases and cancer down the line, but that's later on in your 50's and 60's...
  11. I didn't know there was conflicting views about THC not being water soluble. This is why you wouldn't want to use alcohol.
  12. Lawl? Trippy visuals? Come on dude its not lucy haha. And of course bongs get you higher, blunts get you a chiller high though.
    And losing thc through water?! LMFAOO I'm glad this is in apprentece.
  13. I beleive bong smoke releases more THC from the bud than smokeing a blunt or joint. You get more THC content from hitting a bong. I forget where I saw these statistics but I think it was like 26% of the THC gets to you through a joint (not suer about blunts) and like 85% through a bong.
    Now these could be wrong because I do not recall the source of these statistics. I just remember that for THC it was vape > bong > everything (I beleive it only included bongs, glass pipes, joints, and vapes). If someone could provide some stats that would be nice.
  14. im addicted to the smoke! not even the high, the smoke is what i love i think :D

    even if i smoke 2-3 bowls out of my bong, i still roll a joint/blunt just so i can sit with it
  15. Definitely this. I'll be at the point where you probably can't be much higher and keep smoking for just the flavor and hit.
  16. #16 SwisherSwag Obi, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    i feel i am obiligatede to speak because i am a striaght pot head so i smoked out of everything so i usually have a j or blunt for the road, it wouldnt make me look weird like if i were to get pulled over with a pipe bowl bong lookin thing.

    -lol im having fun al' da time ;D
  17. Don't be jealous of my extremely low tolerance :p. I don't mean I actually hallucinated anything that wasn't there but there was weird shit going on to do with my depth perception, everything was at about 2 frames per second and when music was playing I could see blue and red flickers. It was pretty awesome.
  18. Well yeah I meant down the road a ways, I've got a lot of family and family friends who have died of smoking-related illnesses, so I don't really see the point of smoking tobacco just to make your weed last a bit longer.

  19. lol if your that poor i dont think you should be smoking
  20. not expensive when very addicted some can smoke like 3 packs a day

    $6 a pack
    3 packs
    $18 a day
    ~ 30 days
    $540 a month
    12 months
    $6480 a year

    could buy a car for that

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