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bong hits = coughing fits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kubasow, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. why?!?

    I have a 10-arm tree perc Left coast bong.. ice pinches, and some no-name ash catcher.

    thing rips like a champ - all my friends dig it and some cough, some don't.

    when i hit this thing (im a beginner smoker (4months) and never smoked bongs prior) i die... even the smallest of hits and i enter coughing fits for a minute or two. somehow drinking anything helps - is my throat drying up or something?

    IDK. I know coughing improves with time but mine is so extreme i feel like it must be something else beyond not being used to taking bong rips...

    fortunately I STILL GET HELLLLAA BAKED :hello::hello::hello::smoke::smoke:

    but anyways yah... not sure why I cough so much compared to anyone else... granted I have very small lung capacity, is that a factor?
  2. pictures or its not true. :smoke:

    i would say if you are new to smoking then thats what it is
    or your letting your smoke get stale?
  3. What you want pictures of him coughing? Just keep ripping it, it takes time to be able to rip a stoink no problems

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