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Bong hit on a nice day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Damn milked that shit like a beast!! +rep
  2. Nice hehe yah man you milked that one good :smoke:
  3. That was sick man.

    And it was wicked nice today in MA. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be in the low 70's where I live.
  4. Hell yeah man, nice hit!

    Go Red Sox.
  5. it works... nvm...

    nice fuckin hit man!!!!!

    go yankees !! :):):)
  6. one question, who is bill5115
  7. didnt work for me?

    never mind got it to work damn thats nice hit and nice day.
  8. a fake account i made with putfile

    thx for comments =D
  9. now that was milky! GO SOX!
  10. my hat is off to you, good sir, on an indeed fine milking of the bong, lovin the percs.
  11. haha oh man i forgot about this video.. been looking for it forever
  12. Looks good. I feel ya man. Its nice and sunny outside im hitting my bong(ice beam) with the door open =]. I feel like eating some subway too, more than likely ill get some before the Laker game
  13. ROFL, i was thinkin about respondn to it and i see my post ...good find

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