Bong hit, anyone? :D

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  1. Well blades, I been out of smoke for the past few days, after only smoking high mids for a couple months. I wasn't feeling well, as you could imagine no one would after blazing heavily for 2 months then stopping cold turkey due to lack of funds, I was anxious, sweating a LOT, couldn't sleep, anxiety attacks (weed calms my anxiety) like I was having anxiety attacks so bad I was on my couch crying and I didn't know why. It sucked. Anyway, my grandma told me today she has a chore for me- clean her house and she'll give me money for a halfsack. So, guess what muthafuckas? We're picking up the sack then going home so I can clean her house and afterwards relax with a bowl and some Nazi Zombies (Black Ops) btw my homie says he gots the Gnarly gnarly which is his slang for diggity dank dizzle so just wanted to share the good news with my fellow blades and I'll let you know how dank it really is when i get it cuz abotu to pick up!
    peace u fux, i love yall nigletz PEACVE!:D
  2. I lol'd at diggity dank dizzle. Have fun though and enjoy it my friend
  3. *slow, dignified applause*
  4. nice, bongloads and nazi zombies are always a good combo. been more into survival mode on MW3 and some bong rips lately though
  5. yeah, I'll smoke a bowl with ya'. :)

  6. pick up with your grandma? wut?
  7. his grandma must be the O.G stoner
  8. she must have baby sat granddaddy purp when it was called baby purp! ....not funny? ok i will go feel sorry for myself and my soberness... :(
  9. The diggity dank dizzle.........I Like It!:hello:
  10. ohtrue

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  11. Unfortunately, I have yet to play MW2 and MW3. Wherethefuckk have I been? I know right. But since christmas is so near I decided I'll spend my moneys on herb and play Black Ops and MW and wait for MW2 and MW3 as presents.

    Christmas ftw!:hello:
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    Well turns out it was Blueberry x Sour Diesel. Need I say more? I hope not cuz I really cant think right now ;)

    Edit: Appreciate all the [positive] replies blades! This is the most positive replies I've gotten in a thread I've started, so +rep for everyone except for Sponge Bob, cuz apparently he don't give a fuck, and neither do I about his rep.


    Edit #2: I +rep'd everybody except sponge bob, and there was like 3-4 people that a notification popped up that I had to spread around rep before I can +rep u again :/ Oh well, at least I've [obviously] got ya recently ;)
  13. gnarly gnarly
  14. Scary how no-one pointed out how dependent he is on the herb.
  15. [quote name='"WizzleFan"']Scary how no-one pointed out how dependent he is on the herb.[/quote]

    Not scary. More like, refreshing. I could use a good thread to read without people passing judgements on others left and right ;)
  16. wait, wait, wait .... you went on a pick up with your grandma!?
  17. wait im not sure if i read it right did you say your grandma gave you money for weed that's cool
  18. Yeah lol you all read correctly. My grandma gave me money and went with my to the gas station to meet him (I would Not take her to his house). She's cool, cuz I used to be addicted to unmentionables, and I mean A-DIC-TED!! And she knows the herb keeps me at bay from going back to unmentionables, and she sucks on nicotine lozenges all day so she understands we all have our own remedy for life. Hers - nicotine, mine - herb, and she gets that :D

    Edit: +rep's for all the other positive replies again, I'm very happy with the results of this thread compared to all others I've started.

    Thanks Blades/Bladies!! :D

  19. That's cool she gets it! And... it's cool you only do weed now, good on ya!

  20. [​IMG]

    (regarding your 'lol wut?' comment :D )

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