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  1. Hi :wave:

    I am looking at this EHLE 250ml Bong:

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 250ml - Online Shop

    I want to get a diffuser for it and i was wondering which ones will fit it. Preferably the shorter the downstem, the better. I also want a new bowl because I do not like how the bowl is almost as high as the mouthpiece.

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  3. I think grasscity shows ideal downstem length near like the statistics of the bong they do for RooRs atleast
  4. oh you meant the length of the diffuser not the size, anything between 10-11cm should be fine.
  5. EDIT stated on the page that it would be ideal for a 10.5 cm downstem. Now just take that sizing and go find the downstem you want in that length, simple as that.
  6. def get the 10.5cm downstem since that's the ideal length for this bong. I would try to get a showerhead one if you can. And as far as a slide goes, I say go with either a ice pinch or one with more than one hole

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