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  1. I was wondering if there where any god websites to go to for name brand bongs?
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    Name brand? Weak...go with a custom set-up., email Ben with what your looking for, and tell him I sent ya. He does good work, at a great price. I have to go that 9-5(really 5-11 though lol) BS right now so Ill post up a few pic's of mine when I get back home. There are Toro's, KIND Creations, Trident's, and PH(x) that you can get that are sickkk...I feel RooRs are over priced, and the lower end ones are too cookie cutter, but hey thats MHO.

    EDIT: Mine is on his main page (left side) when you click on the smoke ware link. Its greenish with purple twists, & yellowish bowl
  3. Try posting your question in the smoking section, you'll probably get more response. This is the growing forum...
  4. WOW I am so high I didn't even realize this is the growing section.
  5. Yea, I was wondering where I could get a radiator for Jeep Cherokee? Oh sorry, this is marijuana forum. :smoking:
  6. I have a jeep Cherokee but i also need a new radiator
  7. try googling bongs for sale......

  8. haha its all good man...had a problem like that not to long ago...i coundnt find my damn thread hahahah

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