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Bong help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by G4Grassdetta, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Some random retards knocked over one of my friends bongs.

    I'm thinking about just adding glass around where it's broken and maybe adding a metal rim and maybe filigree it to make it more badass...smaller neck with a slightly harsher hit. I'm looking for feedback on the best way to reform it.

    I'm trying to discuss my options besides scrapping the bong.

    What's the best place to do it and how would I go about asking them to do it.

    Obviously I would clean it out first before taking it somewhere but what would be the best way to go about it and how it would best be improved.





  2. You'll probably spend more money trying to fix it than buying a new one
  3. Define random retards. And I agree with rync.
  4. try sanding it down so you have a smooth rim
  5. retards = horse-playing friends.

    the money isn't the was a gift when he turned 18 almost three years ago.

    So it's more sentimental value.
  6. Wow a real winner that person must be. That sucks bro.
    Ur better off just buying a new one, buy a plastic one. They're cheaper and glass ones aren't that much better.
    I've been forced to buy plastic bongs after some numbskull dropped my wiz khalifa edition roor!!!!!
  7. yeah it was his first real bong...but he might get another in Cancun on his 21st but he's still super pissed lol.

    I pitched the remake idea and they were willing to spend a lot (more than they originally spent since they got it cheap as hell) so I said I'd check it out.
  8. Well you could easily just saw off the jagged part to make it even then figure a way to add some pipe as a chamber or hit from there. But I say get a new one
  9. no one have a ballpark for a re-blow?

    basically just to get it hittable so it can be retired and brought out on rare occasions
  10. I mean other ideas like clay, duct tape with wire frame or what. some way.

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