Bong for On-The-Go?

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  1. I really want a killer 1-1.5 ft. bong to chief my mostly indica strains :). But since i live at my parents, im still in high school, so i wont be able to blaze at home (dont tell me not to blaze because im in school, im rarely ever high at school, i do well in AP and honors classes so im not 'slipping') i usually will smoke after school or on weekends. I have a car so can transport it in there. I would mostly be blazing on hiking trails, at my private beach :), as well as other non sketchy spots and also sometimes in my car at nite? (is that too sketchy?) I was considering a bong and if not then a bubbler, what do you guys think?
  2. a nice bubbler will do you well, i wouldnt get a sherlock or hammer type bubbler if you can avoid it. The higher end glass companies make bubblers and micro's that allow for portability, incredible smooth tokes, and are pretty easy to clean
  3. Man, for on the go just use a pipe not a bong :rolleyes:

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