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  1. Well, My friend wants to purchase a bong from 200-300. He recently saw me purchase my $80 stemless grav and wants a larger bong with a diffuser and everything else. He doesn't really care about looks just how it hits. :D

    I was also thinking maybe a silver surfer but he's pretty set on bongs
  2. hes looking for function over form then
    what bong did u show him? we can help you with the size and accessories of his i suppose
  3. I showed him a lux at a local headshop with a diffusor and percolator. As well as an ice catcher
  4. more water contact = less flavor.
    how does he smoke, thats a factor too.
    beeline/ glo rod / hakko are exaples of ways to smoke to retain flavor.
    find out if thats a factor for him.
  5. More percolation, "water contact", definitely doesn't result in less flavor. If anything, it helps the flavor by getting rid of nasty solids and that mask all the vaporized terpines that you want to taste.

    The lux is a great choice. I know they make a 14' and I think an 18' like you described in this price range. Extremely solid tube, tried and true. Reinforced arms, earthworm section for the perc (more percolation), splash gaurd, notches, all diffused... can't complain about anything really. If it's available, it would be a top choice. I would personally recommend he get it, but it can't hurt to look around and see what else is available.
  6. No bong is worth $300 unless one is a glass collector, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    I'd get an SSV. Far more efficient, far healthier, gets you far higher.
  7. i got my toro for bong purchase to date
  8. I just ordered a SYN showerhead + Luke Wilson DD Slide off of ALT for under 300, I haven't hit it yet but I've heard great reviews. Also look into an SGW waffle tube which are 300 on ALT right now.
  9. What exactly is alt???
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    WHAT, that is absolutely FALSE!:eek::eek:
    a .15 snapper out of my tube gets me ripped every day

    Spending 300 on a daily driver that you use ever single day is very worth it. A high end tube will save you weed over the long run, provide a much more enjoyable smoke every day, get you higher (turbulance, if you need an explanation lemme know), Be smoother of a rip, look much better, taste better....the list goes on.

    i'm sure you're a great grower dude, and you've got all the rep in the world and could prolly neg rep me down an entire bar if you wnted to but......have you ever hit a high end tube dude...not a fucking roor, but something like a SG, or Toro, SGW, even a high end SYN, Itza any of those, it's a completely diferent smoking experience.

    Anyways....For 300 I would get an SGW Waffle
  11. sorry to ask but what's so great about the waffle tube?
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    .15 in a good vape will get you stoned ten times though. I love bongs, but you can't begin to compare a quality vape with any tube, sorry. Not wrong at all :)

    EDIT: Yes I've hit plenty of high end tubes. They get me just as high as mid range priced tubes. I can see spending $100-$200 maybe but $300+? Only reason to do that is if you collect for the sake of collecting. Don't kid yourself :)

    If you like high end glass that's cool. I never said it was a bad idea, I just said I don't think it's worth it. It does NOT get you any higher.
  13. High end glass is different then high end vapes, high end glass is about the smoking experience. Plus I like the high I get from taking big rips more than the high I get from vaping. To be fair though, the only decent vape I've ever used is my friends DBV

  14. Like I said, if someone enjoys owning high end glass that's cool. I'm not belittling them. I just won't let people get away with saying that a $300+ bong gets you any higher than a cheaper one. They are better made, yes, and have excellent craftsmanship, but after a point a bong is a bong when it comes to the utility of it :)

  15. i get what your saying, i used to spend a lot of money on tubes($300-1000) and pieces, but i stopped smoking for 2 years. when i started smoking again tho, i realized why the fuck did i spend so much on glass when i can buy a cheaper bong or piece that works the exact same without any loss of quality. so when i bought a bong again i set my max price at $200, but i didnt even need to spend that much, but i figured the $200 for like $60 more 2mm of extra thickness was worth it just incase, but the cheaper bong would have hit just as nice
  16. Sure, I'm not saying buy $40 acrylics. I can see spending maybe up to 200, but after that the only difference is the thickness and craftsmanship and the name. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that often the premium price of high end glass is for the name. Just like the main differences between a VW and an Audi is cosmetic and tiny features (they share most of the same mechanical parts) and the name.
  17. my gf and i LOVE her 33inch triple perk'd phx tetra. shes got a diffused downstem and it has a 18 inch ice pinch. she paid 200 for it brand new. that leaves enough $ for a nice bowl for it or even an a/c

  18. yep, especially dementias brands and roor
    they would have a roor, next case over, would be a nameless, or i think greenstar was one of them, and now lux. made in the same factory by the same blowers(at least they used to be a few years back when i was into more expensive pieces), but for the same bong minus the roor label, it would usually be about $50-100 cheaper for the same thickness glass and style of tube

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