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Bong Etiquette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ayyweeders, May 15, 2011.

  1. At home

    i usually pack up the bowls myself. everyone gets some green hits and were happy campers.

    Somewhere else


    If an accident happens, it happens.
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    Someone must have a cheap bongg lol
  3. a) you break you buy
    b)whoever loads it, tokes it first with the owner of said item followed after that
    c)dont take a giant hit you cant handle. nothing like seeing someone shove it in another guys face like "take it take it!" and then try to act like thats their hit. but thats another story. light it. milk it. clear it. pass.
    d)handle with care. refer to item A. i once had this guy slam the slide and miss, hitting my ashcatcher all loud. didn't break it but i was like wtf. had to give him the warning.
    e)nobody likes bong water. don't spill it/knock it over/blow+spray everywhere/whatever. water stays in the glass...

  4. 1. You break it, you buy it. Otherwise you get my shit pieces, IF you're my really good friend, otherwise, you'll probably never see a bowl from me again.

    2. Corner the bowl, and none of that "well, theres a speck of green so I did corner it" shit... SPECIALLY if the bowl has a topper (hash, kief, BHO, etc.)

    3. Make sure you pass off the bong properly, as in, don't let go unless you're sure the other person has a firm grip on it.

    4. Whoever's weed it is gets the greens, or the right to say who gets them.

    5. Don't cough into the bong. If you can't handle it and MUST cough, put it down or pass it off or something. If you do cough into it and blow the weed out/get it wet, you better have another bowl's worth in your pocket, and you can expect to get passed on your next turn if I made myself clear on this.

    6. Wait for your turn, don't try rushing anyone because they can take huge rips, the exception to this is if you are just sitting there with the bong telling a long ass story or whatever.

    7. Puff, pass. Simple as that. Take two rips, and you get skipped next time around.

    8. If you didn't get a hit, say so before passing it off.

    9. CLEAR IT. simple as that, I don't care if it takes you 10 attempts, don't pass a stale hit.

    10. Don't pass a cashed bowl, clean it out or at least give it back to me to clean it out.
    10b. If you clean the bowl, ash it out, don't snap the hit, if you do, you're cleaning my bong.

    11.Don't slam the bong down on the table/ground even if it's carpeted, rather SPECIALLY if the floor is carpeted (more chance of the bong tipping over).

    12. Use a poker when cleaning out bowls, tapping them against an ashtray or other hard surface weakens the glass.

    13. Don't leave the rotation if it's about to come to you, if you do and don't return VERY shortly, you may get skipped.

    14. If you spill the bong water, you're cleaning it up and refilling it.

    and my last rule about bongs:
    YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT! I don't care if Zeus hit it with a lightning bolt, if it was in your hands at the time, you broke it! (yeah, that's the biggie)

    Happy Toking!
  5. Do Not's!
    1- DO NOT exhale into the bong!
    2- DO NOT tell long stories while holding bong!
    3- DO NOT keep lighter when passing bong!
    4- DO NOT torch bowl!


    1- DO Let host of session take first hit of the session. It's courteous.
    2- DO be careful with the piece!
    3- DO corner!
    4- DO bring some bud with you!
  6. just read a fuck ton of post from people saying the exact same thing.

    lol not even gonna list rules

    butno... i just dont have anything to say that hasnt been said 15 times already
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  8. Finnish your bowl, clear the chamber, no i dont want to relight your ash, and no i dont want your chamber smoke, it is harsh and taste's disgusting
  9. you break it you bought it and you spill it you clean it
  10. always keep the bong closer to the center of the table!:smoke:

  11. i feel you on that one duder.

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