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Bong Etiquette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ayyweeders, May 15, 2011.

  1. You got laws for your bong? Post them hurr.
  2. #2 ayyweeders, May 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2011

    If ya gonna smoke bongs with more people than just yourself, corner that green and save a fresh rip for ya boy(or girl) to the right. You know you'd want them to do the same for you.
  3. #1 rule: Dont break it.
  4. rule #1 pack with weed
    rule #2 light it
    rule #3 get high

  5. respect
  6. ^^ :laughing:

    i try and keep it simple :p

    as long as everyone gets a buzz and has fun... then who gives a shit?
    complicating weed smoking can become a bummer..
  7. I dont like people who wanna use my bong really bad, but then they dont show a thread of respect twards it. Fuckin slammin it down wenever they set it down, jerking it away from the person who is handing it to you, just any violent sudden movement with a 2 foot bong in your hand is unnecessary. If i notice something that one of my friends does with my bong that i dont like, i just simply use something else with that friend.
  8. ^^ foot bong?
  9. 2 foot bong. 24 inches long
  10. lol gotchya..

    i was like what's a footbong? :laughing:
  11. Lol yea i figured u didnt see that 2 there haha :smoke:
  12. As long as you don't break my shit, we're cool.
  13. since you brought it up, I guess I will just list them.

    1. Ya break it, ya buy it. Ya dont replace it, permanently outta the bong owners roto.
    2. One hit pass, unlike other things such as doobies
    3. Glass is an at home piece, plastic bongs are much better travellers.
    3 b. If you really wanna bring your glass to the lake michigan shore... BY ALL MEANS!
    4. Dont blow INTO the bong. Suck OUT OF the bong. Wet weed is no good.

    5.Who ever is packing it decides how much water goes in. Apparently some people really want a lot, and others hardly any.

    im sure there are other things. and being stoners, of course these are guidelines, not rules.
  14. Last person loads and changes out water....I hate dirty bongs!!! I keep my glass looking like Mr. Clean's head!
  15. 1) Corner-or-gtfo
    2) Whoever packs bowl gets greens
    3) Don't take more than you can handle
  16. I really hate it if people are eating while using mine. Pisses me off lol.
    2. One way or another, clear it.
    3. Bringer of the weed decides who gets greens.
    4. Don't break the circle.
    5. Don't cough into the bong.
    7. If you didn't bring the weed, don't criticize it.
    8. Don't hog the thing.
    9. Offer to clean the bong if it's not yours.
    10. If you cash the bowl, announce it. Do not pass on a cashed bowl.

  17. lmao sometimes people im with will say "the bowls kicked" and proceed to hand it to me?

    Its your piece? why are you handing it to me if its kicked?
  18. 1)know how to hit a bong.
    2)if you pack you share with owner.
    3)don't crash inside the bong.
    4)if you boro it expect to get back cleaned out.
    5)if you break you buy it. (retail) price no half priced.
  19. I have a glass bong with a removable piece that the weed sits in, it acts like a carb. & it really makes me mad when people don't take it out, they just burn the weed down & fill it up with smoke. Then act like they had a huge hit. I call em' pussies. Lol :)

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