bong drinking: yea or nah

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  1. I have a drank a few bongs as dares and I would love to hear others opinions on the matter.
  2. I really don't think you would.
  3. Why not
  4. not sure if troll or srs..
  5. More serious curiosity of the mass public I would say just to see people thoughts beliefs and hear new things
  6. As a dare, if I'm gettin money... maybe.

    That's sick though, I may have too much dignity to do it really.
  7. OP is definitely trolling, let's end this here...

    Drinking the bong water was a funny joke in 9th grade, though.
  8. ^ whats with you kids and calling everyone a troll

    is it so hard to believe someone was stupid enough to chug bong water for 10$ and a crazy bread stick from little ceasers
  9. I have a video of this fucked up kid drinking like 2 weeks old popper water and it's just about the nastiest thing I ever saw, came outa him in a few seconds like a fire hydrant!

  10. You mind sharing?
  11. Hahaha this whole thread is making me gag. I have had a few splashed of bong water before, relatively new water so it wasn't horrible but honestly I could not see myself willing drinking a good amount. Maybe for a grand I would drink a cup of it but other than that nope.
  12. I accidentally drank some yesterday, finished my sesh and poured it back into a water bottle. Fortunately for me it was only one sesh old and really had no taste just smell
  13. I've heard of people drinking vaporbong water, but pure bong water hell no.
  14. That'd be pretty interesting
  15. Fill'er up with vodka, dab, hold it in then drink the bong.
  16. Ive drank a decent amount of bong water, on accident tho haha
  17. I tried it once it wasnt that bad. It wasnt all brown or anything just a few sessions old.
  18. ya not happening

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