bong diffuser is stuck in.

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  1. hi all. i have a illadelph beaker. and the diffuser is stuck in.
    idk how it happened. it just wont come out
    and its not really dirty inside.
  2. Was one of the connection joints wet when you replaced the slide? If you don't already remove your slide with a twisting motion you should try that, if not I've heard of moisture locking GonG joints together before the water evaporates
  3. do you know how to hunlock them?
  4. Loosening measures:

    Temperature: Heat does two things: it can evaporate water if water lock is the
    issue, and can cause the outer joint to expand, loosening the inner joint. Cooling
    can help with friction-stuck joints. Methods suggested using temperature were:

    o Heat gun. Just apply heat from gun to water locked joint to evaporate
    water. Similarly, if lock is friction-based, heat for longer to expand
    female joint.

    o Lighter: Hitting the outside of the female joint with a lighter can warm it
    up and loosen the hold on the inner joint.

    o Butane torch: Use a “jet lighter” or other small butane-powered torch
    lightly all over joint. Careful of heating too much in one place. Keep
    flame moving to avoid this.

    o Hot water: This approach can be good for outer joints on tubes, which
    can’t be put in a water bath. Pouring hot water over the joint can help
    warm it up, and loosen the jam.

    o Ice cubes: By putting ice cubes around the frozen joint, you can lower its
    temperature, and cause the glass to contract. Useful for putting precise
    cold on a piece, and for big pieces that can’t fit in a freezer.

    o Freezer: Smaller locked pieces can be put in the freezer, which can
    contract the glass, loosening the jam. However, it is advisable to only try
    this after other approaches, as poor annealing in glass can leave stress in
    the glass, which can cause it to crack if cooled substantially.

    Most importantly, if you’re putting a piece that can hold water into the freezer,
    make sure it doesn’t have water in it. Upon freezing, the water will
    expand, and can break the glass.

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