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bong decision??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by michmiracle61, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. i got the money now all i need is a sweet bong, the headshops around my area are terrible and they charge WAYYY too much for little things even but enough of that i have like 300 and i can wait another week or two and get like another 100 but can somebody help me out and find me a sick bong.... preferably with a perc or two decent medium size, i've looked at roor's very nice but i dont want to pay 200 for a bong that doesnt filter as much but if you guys can help me out it would be appreciated:hello:
  2. don't know any sites, but try your local craigslist if you haven't already...

    i usually just search either: bong, or water pipe.
  3. Listen to dankbuds, he knows exactly what he is doing.:hello: Yay for craigslist.
  4. I highly recommend a GEAR bong. Solid constructive, smooth clean appearance and relatively inexpensive.
  5. Have you considered a vaporizer?
  6. i havent looked into vapes but im going to im kinda of a newbie when it comes to buying glassware i only own 1 previous bong that definitely doesnt get the job done anymore so i need to upgrade, i just checked craigslist not very helpful just to some of you who are helping me heres what i was looking at but i've never smoked out of a roor and i dont see why a simple little ice catcher can make a normal bong soo much maybe someone can explain to me the reason their better?? And if im buying it i noticed the perculating downstem should this become a necessity maybe and A/C i want to get something thats going to look good and get the job done quick
  7. keep in mind this site has a headshop aswell and i bet they wouldn't like it too much if they saw you advertizing other internet headshops.
  8. ADS, Medicali, and Lux are all great brands that are pretty widely sold. Beware of fake ADS's though, they aren't uncommon. If you don't know a lot about glass, I'd recommend bringing a friend who does.
  9. I would say get a perc'd roor but they are almost impossible to find anymore. I love my perc'd roor so your next choice would be LUX. Also, Illadelph has some nasty ass percd tubes. That is def. the next tube I'm looking to get. Go grab a percd illy and then grab an inline A/C.

  10. i've seen inline a/c's some custom ones there insane but how much do those cost because im also getting two bowls one for poop and one for dank
  11. #11 ZONAR, Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2008
    I have ordered from EDIT before & got my order quick & easy but I can't see spending $230 on a untensil When I can order the parts & D.I.Y. I did order a glass untensil 6 days ago, It's listed as a Glass Bong, I imagine it's more the size of a bubbler & it cost me $45,But for $230 at least they toss in a Ginder with the deal

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