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  1. I have a pretty nice 18" GoG, and im planning on getting a quality ash catcher soon. That being said, i am worried about my piece tipping. is there anything such as a counter weight that anyone knows of on the market? In theory, i want to lower the center of gravity on my bong.

    Thank you!
  2. I've never heard of something like this, but in theory, you could get some "diffuser stones" and that'll add more weight to the base, thus lowing the center of gravity.

    Wal-Mart has glass stones kinda that work well, they're just like mancala stones i guess. It was $3 for a bag that'd work well.
  3. hmmmmm this is interesting idea... try marbles...? and take pics... should be cool to see... and fill verrrrrrrry carefully!
  4. My buddy has tried metal BB's, like for an air soft gun. They work rather well, but they rust quickly. I would not try them unless you have some laying around to try.
  5. put anything that is small and wont dissolve in it....thos small rocks and marbles both would work....

    but be careful
  6. Do you think these would get stuck in my percs? What about having a blower fill the bottom of the stand, as it is a straight tube?
  7. I wouldn't put them in your perc. Only in your base, around your downstem. You might not even need any weight added. Gotta get that AC first!

    A buddy has a 15" tube and it holds an AC fine with no added weight needed.
  8. why not make a wooden stand or something for when its not in use? i wouldnt put anything in it. my buddy broke 2 expensive ones and built a stand so it wont be knocked over and its permanently attached to a nice home made coffee table thing. its pretty sick looking and has secret spaces/drawers for some stash space. looks inconspicuous besides the weird looking stand glued to the top.
  9. Diffuser beads

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