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Discussion in 'General' started by spikeman, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Lol, i've seen the same thing with ccg bowls for the past few months (didnt check before then). my guess is they have it up there reason actually. but anyways, i think any cleaners on the shop that work with pipes would do the same for bongs if it was for the same material (i.e. glass)
  2. yea its glass, and its about a quarter inch thick which made me happy because ive broken a bong from grasscity and all i did was put it in my back pack
  3. 1 bong
    1 22oz or about bottle of rubbing alcohol
    1 or 2 cups of epsoms salt

    combine in bong
    shake bong for 5 minutes (cover all the holes you dumbass :p)
    pour out sludge
    rinse with water
    repeat if necessary
    let the bong air dry
  4. ^^^ 5 minutes? Salt? wtf? I take the rubbing alcohol.. put it in the microwave till it boils, pour in bong, and *insta-clean* dead ass serious. same goes for any other piece you want to clean, bong's bowl, a spoon, or glass pipe. works on all glass.
  5. just buy some acetone from the hardware store. it does the trick

  6. a bottle of rubbing alcohol??? damn dude thats a lot!
  7. don't have to use the whole bottle on a bong, you can skimp but it means shaking it up more. i totally love the salt/rubbing alcohol method. works like a charm.
  8. Those methods never seem to work on my bong though. There's a nice amount of completely dry resin that is pretty much above the waterline. No matter what I try, no matter how long I shake that shit stays on. *Shrugs*

  9. I've tried rubbing alcohol and epsom salts in mine before. It worked a bit but it didn't get rid of all of it (even after 2 days). I've been told to use rubbing alcohol, epsom salts and q-tips but I haven't tried it yet because I think the q-tips would probably get caught in there and I'd never get em out.

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