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  1. Hey guys recently bought my first piece a bio-harzard bong its really nice and i love it. Since i love it so much i want to make sure it gets cleaned very good. I dont want to spend $20 on bong cleaner and i also heard rubbing alcohol works pretty good but do you need to leave your bong out to dry after putting alcohol in , or can i just wash it out after.. I live with my parents so i cant just leave my baby out in the open!

    Any advice you guys can give will be much appreciated!

  2. No worries, mate. This is what I used to do when I lived with my parents. Get yourself some 91% iso alcohol and some coarse sea salt. Mix the two in your bong (make sure there is a good amount of salt, but more alcohol) and give her a good shakin'! Once clean, rinse her out with some warm/hot water in the bath tub. Worked great for me and only takes 5 minutes:)
  3. That's exactly what I use , rubbing alcohol and I used to use salt but I know use dish washer powdered soap , works amazing , shake it around for literally 30 seconds and bam , but mine has no Percs either . And than I just rinse with hot water and go toke
  4. Is it glass on glass or does it have a rubber O ring?
  5. It is glass on glass
  6. My housemate and I use this multipurpose heavy-duty ZEP citrus degreaser from Home Depot (or Lowes or whatever). Cleans any bowlpiece or downstem you let soak. Just leave it in a container or ziploc overnight. My glass bong is kinda tall and has a perc so I use the degreaser, hot water, and some salt. Don't really have a reason for the salt, just thought it would compliment the cleaning. You don't need salt. Shake it around a few times, rinse. It's made of natural solvents, and I've been successfully using this shit for a while. Sure iso and salt works, but this stuff works better on the first try whereas with iso and salt I'm rinsing my bong like 5 times.
  7. iso and fine grit salt shake well rinse well golden a little goes a looooooooong way
  8. I get a 4 L bottle of 99% ISo for 25 bucks. It's from a health store but more of a warehouse. the bottle lasts about a year.

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