Bong Cleaning Antics :)

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  1. I was home sick from work today, and having nothing to do, thought it would be a good opportunity to give one of my bongs a clean.

    Not cleaning a bong for over a month definitely leaves a lot more resin than can be dealt with, with a simple Iso soak. So, after much toking and courage-gathering, Ash and I boiled up the kettle to give it a good boiling water bath.

    Having gone through all the options, we decided to plug up the carb-hole , and stem with tight balls of toilet paper. Probably not the best idea, but we were using what was at hand. Now, being stoned and mildly tipsy, we were not really in the right frame of mind to be handling a 3 foot bong full of boiling water, not to mention the dodgy hole plugs.

    Anyway , having filled up the bong to the rim, i attempted to pick it up (with my bare hands). It was at this point that the dodgy plugs gave way and sent boiling water spraying across the room and onto myself, Ash, and whatever other unfortunate creatures were present.

    So , after re-plugging the holes with a lot more toilet paper, we managed to get it to stay long enough to soak. After which, we jammed the stem full of toilet paper which was then man-handled through with a broom stick.

    All in all, a succesful cleaning session. Burnt limbs aside. Pics of the clean bong attached.

    :smoking:Happy toking blades :wave:

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  2. Cool story, but on the second photo... are you taking a hit? If so it looks like your lips are on the outside :confused:
  3. Then explain his face on the bong, and the ash in the bowl?
  4. Haha, no , my lips are on the inside of the bong. I don't think my mouth mouth would fit over it if I tried.

    And no, those drops on the inside are from putting water in the bong. I wasn't exactly gentle, so the water splashed a bit.
  5. I took a closer look and yep I see. Cleaning tactics were a bit strange but if they work I won't question them haha.
  6. nice bong and great cleaning lol that would make macguyver proud
  7. Haha :D Thanks man !
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    cleaning your bong with boiling water is unsafe if it's glass. glass is very susceptible to heat and can crack. isopropyl alcohol (91%) and salt has ALWAYS worked for me, no matter resiny.

    not trying to be condescending either, since it worked, i would just rather not see a broken bong :). below is my bong, dirty and clean.

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  9. ^^ ShamWOW!
  10. The only wayt cleaning glass with boiling water is dangerous is if the glass is cold. It takes a lot more effort/time/iso to clean cold glass. I usually run boiling water through it a couple times, then use the iso/salt. The resin just falls off.

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