Bong, cannabis, everything else. Stolen.

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  1. This happened a few weeks ago but i'm just getting around to sharing my story on GC. August 30th. I went to bed with my 75$ bong which was special to me because i bought it from an old friend who quit, my 25$ bowl, a 30 bag of some of dankest i've seen, my 20$ slide and all my jars. Woke up August 31st and literally everything was gone. (No, my parents did not take it, I'm old enough to do what I want without them flipping out; nor did they say a word about it) My basement door was left open that morning. So somebody went into my house and stolen everything then left, without touching anything else. Which means I couldn't turn to the police. I used every source I had and couldn't find who it was. Couldn't find liable finger prints. Nothing. This is a pointless thread, but I just felt I should share my story, and to all reading this, please don't steal - because once somethings stolen from you, only then will you understand the feeling. Scumbags man, scumbags. I can't believe the world of today, I'm ashamed people would do that..for weed...
  2. i feel ya man, wait til you get your door kicked down by DEA. much worse. but who the fuck steals someone elses shit? even if i was dirt fucking poor i would respect the life of another toker. shame.
  3. So someone snuck into your house and stole your weed in the middle of the night. He must of been feinding bad.
  4. that sucks dude. it might be a friend because they know where you put all your shit
  5. thats what i was thinking, same shit happened to me in the form of my friend narc'n on me to my mom.
    also, taylor gang or nothing. <3
  6. Well it wasn't really hidden. Just had it in a drawer of a dresser - anyone could of guessed the location. I aggressively interrogated most of anyone who I know who I thought could of taken it, and pretty much didn't seem like any of them did or would of
  7. its simple. you torture them until one of them reimburses you. lol

  8. damn man that would be bad. but at least you would knew who took it - and although the DEA are douches they are really doing their job, clearly they take advantage of their "job" though, but still their job. Robbery is just lowest of the low, especially of a fellow toker

  9. lol the thing is the only friends who know where it was were the close ones, and i hang with them a lot, i just can't see them doing that.
  10. eh, one of them is a rat. i never trust my friends with knowing where my shit is.
  11. Common Vin you can do this. Make a list of everyone who knows about your stash. Next, make sure you didn't leave anyone off, think if you were talking about yourself at a party recently or something.

    After that start systematically ranking the least likely suspects and the most likely suspects. If you are close to all of them then your suspicion and them acting a little different should lead you to him. Deep down you know you suspect SOMEONE!
  12. Mr. Plum in the libary with the candlestick.

  13. I got a list. I checked everyone off as not guilty - after thorough investigation with each of them, but just because you posted that, it re inspired me to go back through the whole list again, get rid of all the check marks and start over. Maybe ill find something different

  14. the ones who are aware have been good friends since grade school, but you never know. they could of been talking about it and someone overheard? or they told someone stupidly?
  15. I forgot to add i don't think it was my friends because exactly one week later (this time i had my basement door armed up with an alarm, bolt lock, and block of wood going across it) somebody tried to break into my house. Around 3 30 in the morning, on monday. 4 people, one car. Tried to break down basement door then booked it and drove off. Im assuming they were looking to take my $1000 guitar laying down there, or something else, idk. But believe me, my friends would not even attempt to break into my house. So really it had to been leaked information about what i had and where
  16. Maybe someone saw you with your bong outside and planned something out little sneaky fucker
  17. Dude that definitely blows. Could always be worse though, a dude I know just got jacked for like 2 pounds of fucking dank purple kush plus some other random shit.
  18. sleep in your basement and wait for them.
  19. 2 pounds of purple kush fuck dude. yeah ik i got off not too badly. lucky they didnt raid my basement of something more important. to the someone seeing me with my bong outside you could be on to something, theres some fucked up people who will watch what people do and stalk them.

  20. haha i did the day after. nobody came :< . i'm guessing it was them when somebody tried breakin in a week later. unfortunately only got a glimpse of their car driving away, couldnt even tell what type of car/color

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