Bong Came Without A Bowl

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  1. So I have just received my first bong, a Blackleaf as seen in the pic below.
    Its a real beauty, but.... it didnt come with a bowl. I have nothing to put my weed in.
    Mine looks like the one on the grass city page of course, I'm only realising this now.
    Where am I meant to put my weed?

  2. If you ordered it off the internet, the bowl was probably wrapped in its own little thing of bubble wrap. In the second picture on their page, the bowl has a colored handle. It's a one-hitter, which might be why you missed it (it won't fit much).
  3. The first picture has an ashcatcher/slide piece. The second picture has a one hit slide...

    If the piece is like the first picture load up the ashcatcher. If it looks like the second picture then load up the slide.

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  4. It is like the second pic. The slide is just a long tube, how are you meant to load it or put weed on it with no bowl.
  5. Just stuff it into the tiny hole up top...
    It is a "bowl" just a one hitter.

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  6. Yeah man,I hate one-hitter bowls. You're gonna have to do some grinding.

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