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  1. Could someone give me some advice, reccomendation, general info about bongs.
    What would be the perfect set up. i have alot of money to spend on this.
    I'm a long time smoker but i never got around to buying a bong... so now's the perfect time!
    Thanks in advance:hello:
  2. if u have dough buy whatever gives u a woody...
  3. go with the roor's
  4. do they have some with a little color. i want most of it to be clear but maybe the downstem colored, or the mouth piece colored?
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    These are all quality tube companies, so just go with whatever one you like most and can afford

    US Tubes
    illadelph (although I've seen some shoddy illadelph work)
    SG Sovereignity

    * RooR will probably be the most expensive you can find.. but not necessarily the best bang for your buck (as far as quality vs price)
  6. can never go wrng with a roor bro :D

    SG Sovereignity tubes are sex :p
  7. The first thing to look at is the price range. plastic peice - perc/diffuser/ice+ash catcher ROOR
  8. What are all those things.

    im gonna post up some pics and tell me what you think.
  9. Thats a beautiful piece, I'd be seriously jealous haha.
  10. I have a large amount of income.

    Im willing to drop around 700 on one.

    so is that a good setup or is thier something else ill need?
  11. Props on that price range. yeah thats a nice bong. Its got a diffuser. ice catcher. nice glass on glass rasta ROOR bong . but that price range was like 600 pound total which is like around $1100 dollers i think.

  12. there is a price converter in the menu on the right
  13. what is so great about roors honestly please someone tell me.
  14. $758 and some change.... And it's not like that is offered here... And more importantly it's linked off of the seed bank list if I remember correctly :)
  15. If your willing to drop that kind of cash on a pipe, I would suggest looking around at some local headshops. I went into my local one earlier today and they had an orange label Roor with a percolator and ice catcher for ~$650. The options and deals are out there, just find the one that is best suited for you.

    Blaze on...
  16. I dont live in colorado. =/

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