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Bong/Bubbler Prices? Help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChrisSmokes, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. #1 ChrisSmokes, Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2008
    So I've never been to my local head-shop.. I usually have a friend go to buy my spoons and shit.. But thats all I have ever bought. They cost usually about maybe $15.

    So my question was about how much would the average water bong or bubbler would be? I'm not talking like the huge 2 or 3 feet pieces.. Just something on the smaller end.

    I've looked around online, but are those prices realistic?
    What do you usually pay for your pieces that you buy at your head-shops?​
  2. not gonna b a dick or ne thing but edit out the part about age.... GC rules state u have to be above 18 to be here....

    but if ur looking glass bubs -20-150+++ and bongs glass 45-1000+++ arcrylic - 5-100

    all depends on quality features and location

  3. Hahaha.. Oh yeah, sorta forgot about that SHHH. thanks though :)
  4. My friend bought his first glass bong for about 26 bucks.
  5. If you want to buy online, I bought my bubbler at, they did ship it ON TIME, so that was cool, I got a sherlock bubbler for $20 bucks and it fucking rips like a champ.
  6. that's a nice site, good prices. +rep.
  7. I can't order anything :( I still live with the parents..
  8. well if you have a credit card, they send it to you in an unmarked box, and no one is informed what's inside of it.

    Unless your don't have a card?
  9. for decent glass it usually starts at $45 for something basic, nothing fancy for a real nice bubbler youll pay $100-300, for a nice bong, youll pay from $100-$1000's
  10. in cali u can get a pretty nice glass bong for 20, but depending on ur location and laws it can vary, but in a situation where u'd need a smaller piece for hiding purposes a bubbler is awesome and smaller
  11. Thanks for the info guys.. this is really gonna help me!
    +rep for your good answers :smoking:
  12. Bongs will cost anywhere up to 800 to 1000 but those are rare and my guess is you dont want one, but you can get a very high quality one for 250+ and bubblers where i live start at 25 and go up to about 150 for a super thick glass, smooth, heavy, and great looking piece. if your going for a bubbler i would go ahead and spend a little extra to get a smooth hitting, thick one, its well worth the extra 30-50 bucks, but some nice ones are very cheap
  13. at my headshop spoons range from $6-30. steamrollers, bubblers, and some bongs are $20-40, and the bigger bongs are $40-200.

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