Bong Broke, looking for bubbler

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  1. Alright, so this is it. I give up on trying to have a decent bong. My friend broke my 18" Left Coast straight tube. Tipped it over and when it landed on the slide instead of the slide or the downstem breaking, the actual REALLY THICK joint gave way. So that's it. I give up on trying to have a bong. I'm looking to buy a bubbler now.

    So I've decided to get a bubbler, I want it to be fancy, some sort of cool perc or somthing, but also durable. Any ideas for a 150 dollar price range?
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  3. mr. dairy milk there are companies that can fix the joint if it is not badly shattered. same thing happened to my 800 dollar roor. Joints cost about 60 to fix although it would be somewhat brittle.

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