Bong bowl/downstem broke, how to determine new bowl size?

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  1. My down stem and bowl broke recently and I'm debating on if I should just get a new bowl or a new bong entirely but the problem is I don't know which size bowl to get if I do go that route, any ways to tell which size bowl I have?
  2. If it's a glass fitted unit
    It's typically a 14 or a 18
    14 is roughly pinky size and 18 is roughly thumb size
    Many units use a 18 male 14 female downstem with a 14 male bowl
    This is what you'll probably want if thumb fits in fitting on actual bong
  3. Would it matter if there's a rubber piece where the bowl/downstep goes?
  4. Here's a photo

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  5. that's a classic...
    You should either bring the rubber grommet to the smoke shop and get a new down stem and slide or upgrade to a glass on glass like I was talking about
  6. Will any downstem work?
  7. Your current unit is a 12mm downstem

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