Bong Bags/Cases ?????

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  1. Alright
    I just ordered a Toro and Im planning on getting a case for it,but my question is, are there any specific brands I should check out? The case is mostly so my cat can't merc my Bong while I'm out of the house so it doesn't necessarily have to be portable but I want somthing kinda cool that can keep my tube safe.
  2. There are going to be a lot out there that suggest The Magic Tailor and I am up there with them. I have everything from Vatra, Needle, Bug Rugz, and The Magic Tailor and it is honestly the best IMHO. It has the thickest padding of any bag I've ever had, and the material, stitching, and design are all top notch. They are a little bit more (like $10-$15 more than others), but it will last you forever.
  3. ^^^^ That looks a little thin for what im getting.
  4. hehe didnt read who the enemy was
  5. My wife is a master-seamstress (believe it or not she has her BA in technical theater and costuming w/clothing and textiles as an emphasis) - so she MAKES our piece bags and custom designs them. In the past she's made up batches of glass bags and traded them for stuff. You MIGHT remember that we had Volcano Carrying Cases up for sale when I first joined GC (we sold a whopping 2 of them, not because of the quality, just ask Volcano South, but because of price).

    So what I recommend to you is that you find a good seamstress and have her/him MAKE you a custom bag with all the features you want. Yes, the price will be higher than mass-produced, but you can customize EVERYTHING and make it truly your item.

    Fortunately my wife is too busy with work and other custom orders to take anything else on at the moment, so I'm not offering her services right now.

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