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Bong attachments for my 16 inch bazooka?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by BluntBlower01, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I just bought this 16 inch Bazooka bong, its plain and simple, but it is my first bong. I'm wondering what would be the best to add on to it to make it smoke better? i.e. Ice catcher, bigger bowl, etc. And also, I want a new bowl for sure, preferably one much much bigger. And suggestions?

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  2. You cannot really do anything considering it is a grommet bong and not glass on glass.

  3. you can rip out the downstem, then add a ash catcher no?

    but it would be more productive to just order a whole new piece
  4. Well yeah you could rip out the cheap downstem, but then there would be no suction to draw the smoke from ashcatcher into bong into mouth. That bong is made as is, no customization possibilities in mind.
  5. obviously you would have to replace the downstem with another downstem that would work with the ash catcher... I thought that was stating he obvious...

    but like previously posted... im more of a fan of just getting a whole new piece, you know GC has a 30% off sale going on right now? ends in 3 days, jump on this
  6. Take out that downstem and replace with a 14>14 glass on glass downstem. It should form an air tight tight seal with your rubbet grommet. Then you can add a glass on glass bowl, ashcatcher, carbon filter etc.
  7. Honestly on any website, there is no such thing as stating the obvious hahaha.
  8. Its supposed to come in the mail any day now. So basically it's garbage? Haha and I only paid $40. Was that too much?
  9. its just that bongs like that aren't designed for attachments. you need a GonG bong for that. there are adapters but the setup won't be as robust and reliable.
  10. And no it's not crap! That bong will still get you ripped!
  11. this too. it looks like a fine cheap bong. i've gotten super high of bong much worse
  12. Search Oregon glass blower on ioffer dot com. He has grommet adapters.

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