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Bong assistance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by We Here, May 15, 2010.

  1. #1 We Here, May 15, 2010
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    So i have to purchase a new bong today because a few days ago it broke. I know i want a piece of glass and something that will be somewhat sturdy enough. I have 100 dollars to spend what type of bong specs should this get me at my local headshop without taking it out the ass.. Thanks:smoking:
  2. Should be able to get a nice one. I seen one that was 4 feet tall and 2 inch wide spiral tube bong with a built in perc at High Times in Niagara Falls for 89$

  3. Just look for something nice and thick, with an ice catcher, and see if you can get a bowl along with it or something. Just to in, tell them how much you have and what you want, and they'll help you from there.
  4. Ask the people there for decent glass thickness and quality. And if you can pick one up for around 75-85 you can buy a bigger bowl for it instead of paying extra looking for a bong that comes with a nice bowl

    :bongin: enjoy
  5. Since you are in California I would reccomend spending just a bit more on a HVY bong, they drag and milk perfectly and their 7 & 9mm bongs are practically unbreakable. also, the quality of their glass is really great. You can't really find them online (someone ripped them off by making a myspace of their stuff, but it's gives an idea) but a lot of head/smoke-shops have them in CA
  6. I hear you Eric, thought that HVY was a good way too go.:smoking:
  7. You can find them online pretty easily actually..But OP, i would look for something definitely gong, maybe a foot or 2 tall, straight/beaker tube with no percs. That should run you around 100, but i would also want to invest in a diffy if i were you.
  8. Trust me, after a short while you will hate a 2' tube, there are many reasons but just to name a few: something that tall will be unstable, it's dificult to clean, maintain, and store.
    Plus if your getting something that big for under $100 then the glass should be paper thin.
    I think for under $150 you can get a 9mm HVY online.

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