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  1. I bought this bong and i wanted to paint it my way. Is there some kind of special paint or can i just go old school and paint the outside with spray paint
    Acryl bong clear - Dutch -
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    um, when we redid the back porch we made basicly a stained glass window, and we got some glass paint at the home depot i think, or like a craft store, but glass paint does exist, if you can, i recommend either sand blasting or putting some kind of etching paste to make it all roughed up so the paint sticks extremely well, tho the glass paint should hold just fine.

    shit i thought it was a glass tube, im sure you can find a paint that will stick to acrylic too.

  3. The bong he is putting the art on isnt glass.

    Go to your local OSH or ACE hardware and ask for paint that sticks to plastic and they should be able to show you one that would work the best. I used to know the brand/name but I forgot. Just ask and they will help.
  4. nice, I'll post up some pics once i get it all laid out, first gotta think of a kickass design with transparent streaks and hemp leafs
  5. Im not sure if paint will stay on, as in not be dangerous some how. But im not sure. Maybe some graffiti pens would work well.

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