bong and oil rig?

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  1. this bong is really cool i wanted to know if tit can be both and oil rig? or what am i missing with the pieces? also if there is anything cheaper lol thanks
  2. It can, but oil rigs do better when they are small, bongs tend to have too much volume. But it can be done.

    This is a bong I have that I set up for dabbing, you can see the curved looking bowl on it, it's called a quartz banger.

    Also, lot of people say dabbing tastes bad when there is flower resin in the bong.
  3. Not to hijack the thread, but I just picked up one of those nails and I have a question for you . Switched from a titanium domeless to this after a misfortune. I'm used to heating the titanium nail for awhile with my propane torch. I tried heating the new glass nail that's like same as yours, but I get this really gross taste and sometimes the dabs catch fire. Am I just heating too much?
  4. Yeah you are heating way too much.

    What I do, is once I see the quartz slightly glowing (usually the bottom, where I point torch), i let it cool for about 10 to 15 seconds.

    It really takes trial and error, because things like room temp and wind and torch will be at play, every nail is different.

    Once you figure out how the quartz nail, you won't even think about your titanium nails.

    When you get it right. The taste is phenomenal!!
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  5. Appreciate the response! Just tried it out and you are totally right. I tried cooling it off before, I usually did even with the titanium nail, but I tried heating it for way less time and the taste and burn was perfect!

    Thanks man! :smoking-bong:
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  6. And later on, you can bypass the whole cool down part, it wastes butane/propane and time.

    I use this creme Brule torch, i hit it for exactly 11 seconds and im ready to go.

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