Bong and A/C a friend made for me

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  1. A friend of mine has a warehouse in SF and a few glassblowers rent space there and one of them made me this a while back. Nothing special, dude asked for $60 but gave him $80 to be nice, but it hits pretty damn hard. And no its not a true GONG but whatever. i have a few of those anyways. but it was really cause i got to hang out while he made it.

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  2. Very nice piece..I'm actually in the market to buy a new piece to go(connect) with my vape just haven't seen what I want yet
  3. One of the best grommet bongs I've seen.
  4. right on, thanks, i asked him for glass on glass but he didnt have all the parts so he had to make it with a gromet. oh well
  5. i doubt he didn't have the part, all he would've needed was one more female joint. sounds like he either screwed you or just doesn't know how or what glass on glass is.
  6. There is nothing wrong with having a grommet. Only difference it will make (if any at all) is its a bit tougher to remove and clean.

    Unless yer a total pussy it really shouldnt matter though. :D

    I think its a sick bong. I like it better than most of the plain glass on glass tubes that I see.

    And at 80 bucks u got a damn good deal man...
  7. ya exactly, he was short one female joint which we were searching for throughout the entire 13,000 sqft warehouse

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