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Bong Advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickMason, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Alright, so I'm not really a new smoker or anything but I've recently gotten into bongs (as opposed to bowls or joints) and i was just wondering how to get that nice thick milk everyone seems to get. When I pull the smoke seems somewhat diluted even though everything is perfectly air tight (Triple checked). Is there any secret to this? Should I pack the bowl tighter? Hit slower? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Assuming that you have water in it...make sure the water level isn't to high. If there is to much drag the milk will be kinda weak. A proper water level will allow for minimal drag allowing you to take in the most smoke with the least effort. That's one possibility
  3. take a LONGER hit :smoke:
  4. Try to get the best water level you can for your size bong, hit it a tiny bit longer and keep the herbs lit for a second or two longer or make sure it's cherried well. Build it up so you can see it too. Just get in the zone.. eye of the tiger..

  5. toke slower/lighter
  6. hey man - i love giving advice about bongs so here's few(some were aforementioned by others)

    - drag slower and be patient. when you drag in slower, the prolonged oxygen intake causes the fire to burn longer in the weed causing more smoke, leading to a better milkshot. and also there's the chance that you're sucking in so fast that you're not even getting a chance to see the build up of a nice sexy milkshot in your bong.

    - less water - as aforementioned, too much water does no one any good. not only does it sometimes reduce your chance of a real sichensa milkshot, but also it can splash on your lips giving you a birdie pull... so just check the water level - however i don't think this is too big of a problem for most people

    -better weed. kinda sounds obvious, but it's true. if you got some nice danks, it's guaranteed to give you some nice milkshots. mids or schwagg will just kinda sputter and give you bursts of milk, but if you want that consistent nice drag of milk that hits you like a truck, get you some nice danks.

    -keep your light on longer. if you have your lighter or hemp wick or whatever over the weed longer, you'll obviously get more smoke and more milk.

    most of the things i said were kind of obvious but i'm high right now and felt like blabbering hope you understand ;) just practice practice you'll get it man. and upgrade your weed always and forever. peace and pot. sichensa

  7. Thanks man, much obliged. But what is sichensa?
  8. sichensa means like along the same lines of stellar... i don't know where but a few years back i started using the word for the first time and around the community it caught on
  9. alright man, i can dig it. maybe i'll start using it myself.... sichensa, hahahaha :)
  10. Pull nice and slow to get it milky, this way it burns for longer and none of the weed that's not yet burned pulls through. Do not burn it too much though, you don't want any unnecessary plant matter ;)
  11. Water level is important. Not too high. I pull it nice and slow to thicken it up. That leaves me with a nice milky hit.
  12. milking the bong is letting enough smoke fill up into the chamber for it to be white

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