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  1. hey guys long story short a friend broke my glass bowl on my acrylic mini bong. I liked it alot and its my first acrylic (ive owned mainly large nice glass tubes til now, moved back in with my rents) anyways ill have around 60 dollars to spend what do you guys think i should get?

    my options:
    1. Just buy a new glass bowl, spend rest on weed
    2. buy a mini glass bong (not sure how much that will be)
    3. buy a bubbler, i dont like them that much though.

    I need advice i know acrylic is not as good as glass i dont need to be told that i know that i downgraded:( i really had no choice though and money is tight. Advice please!

    thanks guys!

    stay high
  2. Well, if you don't like bubblers, don't buy one:). and it's all preference really, if you don't like dry pieces or maybe you don't like water, then just get the opposite. if I were you I'd buy a nice bowl and spend the rest on weed since it's easier to hide a small bowl.
  3. Yeah buy a nice thick bowl for you bong and buy some bud :D
  4. OR what about a nice thick pipe and a new grinder?
  5. buy a nice sturdy bowl man. bowls are usually more practical than bongs. and more bud is better:hello:
  6. I say get a new bubbler but if you dont like them then check out SSFG, lots of great tubes cheap. Or get a new slide and some weed. :smoke:

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