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Bong Advice Needed: Help a blade out!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hazeydays, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. #1 hazeydays, Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2008
    Ok so this is a long situation so i'll try and make it as short as possible.

    I already own a straight blue label illadelph with a rasta illadelph ashcatcher and its an amazing bong but I have the opportunity now to pick up a roor mini which has sort of been like my dream bong (small, tree percs, strongly built, etc etc) but I mean I loveeee my illadelph too.

    If this went down i'd sell my illa to my friend for about 215 (picked up for 275, had it for 6 months), and then pick up the roor mini for 250 (another question: is 250 about right for a white label roor mini beaker bottom?)

    there are pros and cons to illadelph is huge and the ashcatcher is fragile and one whole piece so its liable to break sometime, and it has no percs at all but its a very very very sturdy bong, i can toss it in a backpack and not worry about it (but I worry about the ashcatcher) whereas with the roor its smaller and easier to hide and just whip out and stuff but its just so much more fragile (but still built extremely well) so i'd have to pad it all up and be extremely cautious with it...

    also keep in mind I guess i'd still hit the illadelph alot because one of my best friends would be buying it off me, so it's kind of like i'd have 2 bongs now haha

    I also just picked up a mad heady slide for an 18.8 (roor mini I think) that doesn't fit in my illadelph which is a 14.5 so thats a little motivation

    what do you guys think I should do? Keep the beast, or upgrade to the mini????
  2. id keep the illadelph
  3. why the fuck would you trade a normal size bong for a small roor? all gongs are the same dude. you could trade the logo from an illadelph to roor and no1 would be able to tell
  4. thatd be a downgrade in my opinion..
  5. i would have to agree
    keep the delph
  6. I want it to be small and compact, but still rip...that's why
    I want a discreter (haha) bong, the illadelph is a huge piece of glass
  7. then just smoke out of the bubbler
  8. Bigger != better, i'd say if what you want is the mini roor then go for it. You already bought that slide too, so you may as well since it sounds like thats what your leaning towards.
  9. I have a bubbler, I like bongs
  10. It's really a toss up cause I love my illy haha

    but I see a lot of pros too from buying the roor
  11. Yea i would also keep the Illadelph, but i would choose Illadelph over ROOR any day.
  12. now im leaning more towards the illadelphhh
  13. keep your bong you have right now

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