Bong Add-ons?

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  1. Hey Blades, I'm thinking about getting something special for my HVY bong. I'm not that familiar with the technical things.. I don't know infused or difused means or what a showerhead does. I know what an ashcatcher is, but thats pretty much it. My bong is kind of small, but its big enough. It is roughly about a foot (12 in). What do you think of my glass? and what do you think i should get for it? excuse all the res, I haven't got around to cleaning haha
  2. Doesn't 't look bad man. I have a ~24inch Quad Showerhead HVY that has pretty much the same work on it haha. If I were you I would get a diffused downstem, preferably a showerhead downstem or a gridded one and some kind of AC (Ash Catcher).
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    Yeah, if you get a diffused downstem and/or an ash catcher... and you decide to pick up another tube in the future, it should be interchangeable. But for now, that's a solid tube.

    For top notch downstems, most people would recommend an Alex K showerhead, or an SG gridded.

    I started a thread asking people about their fave ash catchers if you want to check it out... I was looking for a 45 degree one as well, so it should help a bit.

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