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  1. hey guys, so i havent legitimatley hit bongs, but i hit a school make waterbottle one. lol

    soooo i hit it, and it took for ever to clean, but i dont get it.... you guys milking it and stuff.... i mean after like the smoke reaches my mouth and i clear, some has hit my lungs already... i mean this bowl isnt that big either.... small metal piece.

    are bongs the cleanest way to smoke? besides vapourizers

    how much more bong ripping until, i can get big hits without trouble?

    i know coughing gets you alot higher, but i wanna be able to blow mega smoke.
  2. The homemade probably isn't sealed and air is getting in somewhere.
  3. obviously lol

    but i wanna know the rest i asked and talked about
  4. Oh, you mean you cant take massive tokes cuz there harsh and make you cough?

    Just keep smoking, almost every toker encounters this at first
  5. Besides vaporizers, bongs and pipes are the cleanest to smoke out of if you maintenance them... ie cleaning, changing water

    Just smoke regularly, and it shouldn't be hard to pull big rips. With a legit bong if you just wanna hit it hard purse your lips and inhale hard, it'll pull without letting much into your lungs and you should have a milky shot.
  6. Practice lol, hit that bong as many times as you gotta til you can hit bigger tokes and not cough.:eek:
  7. haha i gues....

    i heard that smoking weed, does not affect your lungs, this mean it should affect sports and your cardio correct?

    what are the bad things to it, honest answers.

    well i can take big toke from blunts and j's and my budbomb too. but just not bongs.....:(

    anywho, sooo downsides to smoking gangja
  8. haha if your worried about looking legit when toking with homies practice with tea hahahahah actually dotn do that, its a waste of your time.. just smoke more weed. its as simple as that.. maybe take smaller hits to start?
  9. I just smoked constantly everyday taking small hits outta my homemade when I was starting out. and then when I got a full size bong I was able to rip it like no other
  10. I used to never be able to smoke a J because the smoke was too "harsh" for me. It takes time for your throat/lungs to get used to something new.
  11. Go buy yourself a real piece if you can, nothing too fancy for your first piece, just some glass on glass action.

    Then lock yourself in a room
    Grind up your bud
    Do not attempt to leave until you can milk that mother fucker like farmer joe milks his cows.

    Also, i wouldn't recommend packing massive gram bowls for your first time. Place only a small amount, then proceed to add more if you can cash the bowl without choking.
    But really, practice practice.
  12. I don't think coughing gets you higher =T maybe it feels that way since you lose more oxygen?!

    I say don't worry about the smoke being too harsh, you'll get used to it. Aim for a bong with ice or a diffused downstem.
  13. lol and then. after choking like 2 times after 2 hits. doesnt it make you not wanna rip it anymore?

    like after my second hit and getting mega choked, i was feeling it already, alot faster then smoking joints, but its not as enjoable since i hacked my fuckin lungs up. haha
    after that, it was a smooth head high.

    is there any way to make the smoke smoother, or easier to inhale?

    ice pinch bongs allow ice. what else?

    also so ash catchers and those extra pieces to a bong cool off smoke that much morE?

    a diffused downstem does what?

    maybe i should stick with my bud bomb? lol
  14. I assumed it was because parts of lungs are getting exposed to smoke when coughing, or something like that. don't quote me on it though.
  15. an ashcatcher is a device that goes into the female piece of your bong. The female is the peice that your bowl slides into. Then you add a little water to the ashcatcher and you have to water filtrations which causes it to cool down, yes. A diffused downstem has a bunch of wholes at the bottom instead the usual tube that creates bubbles at the end, this end is blocked and tiny holes are on the actual cylinder which creates more bubbles which filters/cools the smoke much more than a usual downstem and you can also usually fill these much easier. hope you can understand everything I told you, I tried... :rolleyes:;):D:smoking:
  16. oh and btw, I dont think its the actual coughing that gets you higher. I think its the fact that your getting more smoke which is making you cough easier than the less smoke you get when you dont cough. But thats just my belief... not sure exactly.
  17. i get big hits on joints and i can get alot of smoke, with no cough, i think its because when i rip bongs, it goes straight to the head, and lungs, making me cough, more smoke gets on surface area. reaching blood stream. getting me high.

    correct me if i am wrong.

    and i understand you. but having a bong setup like that can be pricey no?
  18. You know what, having the smoke too cold makes it hard to inhale too much. I milk any bong to the top or until the bowl's snapped, whichever comes first. You also have to remember to leave room inside your lungs, you don't want smoke just sitting in the bong while you take another breath. After it's milked, inhale as fast and as hard as you can. Get that smoke in there before the cough reflex, and exhale after 3-ish seconds. If you smoke good weed it makes it easier too
  19. I know what your saying rectus. But that is why these tools are made, to make more smoke easier to inhale.
  20. Yeah man, I'm not saying don't do ice hits. I love the perfect ice hit haha. Make sure you don't have too much ice and that you're not holding the smoke in there for too long w/ the ice. Ever run in the winter and have a cough for a couple minutes? same principle

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