Boners first grow!Come inside!(rookie CA/MM Grow)

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    I had it in the grow journals but i am not getting any love, so i thought id post it here since im in this forum mainly.So here it is,

    Goal: keep my operation full and always running to produce enless personal medicine.

    To start off its my first grow ever. Ive been trying to find a hobbie for a while and although ive been tokin it up since i was 13. So i came across this sitr and after reading i built a box and got clones and well im here now. Ive been lurking and readi g for 2 month and i know its a short time but i feel like i have learnd a ton of stuff. With that said im now in the 4 1/2 weeks into flowering with 2 plants.(started with 8 clones) and 1 22" tall vegging one.
    So lets get started.

    Space and equiptment:
    Ph meter
    Self built wood box 3'x3'x7'
    400w hps in cooltube reflector
    4" 187cfm valueline fan
    Carbon filter/scrubber
    Small a/c unit
    Small 10 inch fan
    Vegg cabnet
    6CFL 2 2700k 2 5000k 2 6500k
    4 80 mm computer fans

    Foxfarm growbig big bloom and tiger bloom(all others besides alien)
    Dynagrow bloom and grow( for alien)
    Aroura synthetic peak( sample from store)
    Neem oil
    Zero tolerance
    GH ph up & dwn

    Head Band x Blue Dream & Grapefruit OG 4 1/2 weeks into flowering
    In kellogs organic poting soil anx amend with FFOF 1 in topped on top before the last gallon of water of the flush.
    Having a ph problem just flushed wirh R\O water phd at 6.0 and runoff is at 7.1-7.2ph along with a spder mite infestation and i think white flies. Using zero tolerance to combat the if it dosnt control them i will try liquid lady bug.

    1 Alien OG that was in same soil as first 2. Vegged outdoors for 6-7 weeks and it stands at 2 ft and in going to stick it in the flowering box. Its manicured lollipop style. Everything is the same as the top ones exept it was vegged longer And outdoors.

    2 clones vegging:
    1 sour deisl 1 pre 98' bubba both LST

    Both in FFOF and looking all good.
    Under 100~ w of CFL with 4 comp 80mm fans.

    Now to pics: will update as i remember!



    Grapefruit OG

    Alien OG in new LST; Started flower when it was 2 ft tall!

    SourDeisl on left Pre 98' bubba on right
  2. Hey wassup gc . Alot has happened sice first post.

    First off i fed hbxbd and gfog 1/4 of recomended dose of fox farm growbig bigbloom and tiger bloom. R/O water at 6.0ph 4.3 after nutes added then i phd the water to 6.0. Run off was exactly at 7.0.

    Any input on this guys?

    I watered them with the pure r/o water at 6.0ph and runoff was at 6.8ph not sure but no higher then 7.0ph. Also LSTd them ans sour d is out groing the bubba realky fast. Sprayed down with "Zero Tolerence" by ed rosenthal.

    Aquirred some seeds said to be og kush. Started gem with papertowel method and 16 hours first was ready to stick in soil. Then this morning which is 36 hours later, last two were ready! So their on there way to growing!

    Ill have pics up later! Thanka guys really looking foward to ur replies!!!!
  3. Verrry nice man... I hope that seed is really OG Kush, you will love her! Very easy and vigorous!

    Good luck with that pH issue... its weird because my Ocean Forest runoff is usually in the low 5s if I water @ 6.5-6.7... did you add lime or something??
  4. No. The ph issuse is in some kellogs organic amend potin soil i got from home depot. The clones and the seeds are in ffof seeds only have dolomite mixed in. Im going to either make a top dressing or a tea not sure with is more effective.

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