Bone Thugs N Harmony

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  1. I love them, they are so fucking amazing, i dont listen to much rap but they are an exception.
  2. i only like one of their songs, "Crossroads." but that was like back in '96
  3. Just getting into Bone Thugs and KMK both. Haven't heard
    much more than what I've downloaded. Of course I've got
    The Weed Song and Krazie Bones Smokin Buddah, but I have
    to say that my favorite song of theirs right now is Home. Of
    course I like Phil Collins as well, so that might have
    something to do with it.
  4. when you grew up in cleveland ohio at the peak of their popularity, you couldn't help but listen to them, even though i don't like rap, hah...
  5. If you've got broadband, go on kazaalite and see if you can
    download their interview about the internet and money. It's
    a fuckin trip.
  6. some of my favourite songs

    Blaze It
    Break Down with mariah carey
    notorious thugs with biggie
    Mo Murda<<<<<thats the trippiest song when stoned
  7. BUMP!

    Anymore Bone Thugs Fans?
  8. me and one of my best homie, use to lisent to bone all the time in high schoo.. but the day came, he never came back too school, so i was alone with the music, and just stop playing it.. but now, i lisent it to once in a while... but we use to be one the biggest fan of bone, we would be stone, dishing school, hearing that shit, while creating graffity art...latezz..
  9. bone thugs n harmony iz tha shit ive been listenin to them since 94' yall should copy the addresses at the bottom of my siggy to listen to krayzie bone (leathaface) then go to to purchase tha "leathaface tha legends underground cd fa sho

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  10. haha, I used to be the hugest Bone fan, used to be all I listened to. I don't listen to em too much now but I still consider them a great group and I consider Krayzie to be one of the most talented and diverse rappers out there.
  11. im not really into rap, but i do like it.

    bone is fast as hell and its awesome to listen to.
    im more into outkast, eminem, and dre for the rap thing though

  12. agree mate....:D

  13. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Yaaaaaaaa

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