Bone Thugs N Harmony....

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  1. yo i love bone thugs, i got this sshit called C3, probably a bullshit name, but it is good, and now i'm listen to bone thugs and my fav songs are

    Bud Smokers Only



    Thug Love

    Thug Mentality

    Weed Song
  2. gotta love crossroads
  3. If I could teach the world

    That's my favorite. :smoke:
  4. Krayzie Bone - Smokin Buddha on the Thug Mentality 1999 album...

    but my all time favourite not mentioned so far..

    Krayzie Bone - Rebel Music ft. Bob Marley

    blows me away.. he's got Bob on the sample singing on some gangsta level hahaha.. "roadblock... roadblock.." where did he find Bob singing about cops setting up roadblocks?! it's not on any of the albums i've heard.. haha it's so ill.
  5. shotz to tha double glock
  6. 1st of the Month
    for the love of money
    thuggish ruggish bone
    East 1999
    those are my favorite bone songs
  7. I dont smoke but my favourites are
    notorius thugz
    thug luv
    foe tha love of $

    They pretty much suck balls without bizzy

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